I Reset Ryan Trahan To $0.01

I Reset Ryan Trahan To $0.01

I Reset Ryan Trahan To $0.01

This video was a lot of fun to film, please donate to Feeding America here:

In this video, I spent 5 days making $50,000 to surprise Ryan Trahan! He’s currently walking across America with $0.01 in order to surprise MrBeast with a penny & if someone donates $50,000, he will restart his challenge at a penny.

● Twitter: http://twitter.com/DylanHyper
● Instagram: http://instagram.com/DylanHyper

If you’re reading this, comment “the great reset 👀 “

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26 Responses

  1. Ryan Trahan says:


  2. DrewHacks says:

    actually insane the amount of effort that went into this between skydiving, sitting in snakes, driving ubereats, and getting other youtubers to help out and donate! and all for a great cause

  3. InnovatorGuy says:

    I Love How you provided the best content for us and made something enjoyable out of it 💯

  4. BALETKA07 says:

    guy just irl reseted ryan thats insane keep it up!

  5. GeeKey says:

    Ok this is pretty sick
    Normally you only see maybe YouTubers going this big for a YouTube video, so huge props for pulling this off! Coming of course from Ryan’s video, this made the series so much better! You earned a sub.

    • 26 Mic says:

      I be makin entertaining videos just like Dylan . I bet 100% it’ll make you laugh. If not u can come to tell me

  6. Emily Saxton says:

    Not gonna lie, that was an epic reset you did. His reaction in his video was priceless.

  7. H of The Stage says:

    The dude’s winning at the YouTube game. Mad respect, amazing video!

  8. TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    This is unreal, thank you Dylan for giving meals to all these people in need.

  9. TYE Arcade says:

    Wow this was one dope video! Keep it up bro

  10. Paree Pasi says:

    Little does Dylan know A person on the street said to Ryan I’ll take this for $100 so you basically just help him by a lot

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