I Showed My Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 To The Only Other Person Dumb Enough To Buy It

I Showed My Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 To The Only Other Person Dumb Enough To Buy It

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25 Responses

  1. Xx oson xX says:

    Ed’s like the dad who wants to be supportive for his kids dreams but you dropped outta college for it.

  2. Chrisjk says:

    Ed was genuinely horrified that Tavarish paid asking for the P1 😂 good luck Freddy, you should have Ed along every few months to get his reactions to the project.

  3. Kingjay814 says:

    “Paid asking price” is a nightmare scenario for Ed

  4. Gary The Cycling Nerd says:

    Ed’s GENUINELY shocked at the numbers Tavarish is throwing out there. I am too. $165k for a battery is insane

    • Arnas N says:

      @Gary The Cycling Nerd more like 1500%

    • R says:

      Its just really good acting

    • Gary The Cycling Nerd says:

      @Tripod I doubt we’ll see that. I bet companies will add digital signatures to electronics to prevent anything but OEM parts. Just like how an iPhone will only work with certain parts and prevent itself from being fixed.

    • Tripod says:

      To be fair, I heard the la Ferraris replacement battery is around 300k. Still, I can’t wait for there to become a industry out of companies offering (higher capacity) replacement batteries for hybrid or electric cars. Just like we replace phone or laptop batteries with higher capacity ones

    • Sandy Jenkins says:

      @David Mark when every panel needs replaced and a window is 12k he might spend 2m to fix it.

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Loved Ed’s face when he heard the price of the battery 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Terry Loh says:

    I could feel both Ed’s sense of relief that he didn’t wind up with it, and the sympathetic pain he experienced thinking about what it’s going to take to rebuild the car.

  7. Ryan Carriveau says:

    Can we please have Ed around for this entire rebuild just for all the commentary??

  8. Hamza Faruqui says:

    11:00 Ed’s asking questions to Tavarish like he’s his therapist trying to figure out what’s wrong with him 😂😂😂

  9. taftonator 1022 says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be one of the biggest car series on YouTube

  10. VINwiki says:

    What’s the street value of a vile of Tavarish Flood P1 Hurricane Sand?

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