I Spent 100 Days as TIGER in HARDCORE Minecraft!

I Spent 100 Days as TIGER in HARDCORE Minecraft!

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Today I spent 100 days as a tiger in hardcore Minecraft. As an tiger I had to to help my animal friends escape the mean Pillager who was trapping everyone in his zoo in Minecraft! My main goal was to save all of the mobs in the overworld and survive 100 days as Tiger.

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23 Responses

  1. Sanity says:

    I already know that this guy is gonna blow up like any other 100 days content creator would do, keep it up man, just found you yesterday!!

  2. I'm subscribing to anyone who subbs me says:

    *Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort fozo puts into his content for us* 👍👍🥳🥳❤😍😍

  3. Ryan McManus says:

    Keep up the great work your a great youtuber to watch

  4. don votch says:

    Yay another 100 days video! This is good.

  5. Awhxivy -#road to 20 says:

    I just started watching u I love ur content!

  6. BROWSE says:

    You can do it buddy 👍 Wish you luck 💫

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Fozo: *Grows up in 6 days* Maxcraft: *Literally grows up in 1 day*

  8. Rinシ says:

    I’m just proud of Mr Bink only a true friend can do that and by the way I love this fozo keep up the good work

  9. Bloxy Noob says:

    Very great video I told you all of your videos will be good I bet everyone subscribing to you to support you on you’re great hard work

  10. WhyNot says:

    Woah a tiger???
    Can you do 100 days as a giant creature?

    I know the king tiger and the cat and grey bird’s voice from somewhere!

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