I Spent 100 Days in the Metaverse

I Spent 100 Days in the Metaverse

watch out zuckerberg

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26 Responses

  1. VEE3RDEYE says:

    It would have been so funny if Klay showed up to mcdonalds in his storm trooper outfit

  2. raiden farani says:

    this guy is an absolute unit. If he were sent to an alternate universe He could survive it all

  3. Mystic says:

    it always impresses me that he somehow makes his videos better

  4. TJ Hall says:

    This was an emotional roller coaster

  5. AYDEN DAFFRON says:

    This is a story of a man testing his endurance of himself by trapping himself inside of a world of imagination and insanity while perpetually being watched by a demon known as a “veiwer”. Essentially, we’re the villans. Making him force himself into painful challenges for our own entertainment

  6. Dabo Life says:

    I like how Ryan comes with the best and interesting idea, thumbs up.

    • abdi says:

      this man is everywhere

    • shadow carvis says:

      I cried multiple times all just because he found a friend and did not come back for a while then he returned and it made me feel jealous because I dont have friends cause the only friends I are girls and I just want a BFF like it has been 19 years of my life not having a male friend even though I am really trying to stay a vergin its hard I just wish I would have a friend like this one and never have to worry about being lonely not have male friends man Bryan you lucky man so lucky

    • LJaybase TV says:

      @Volshebnik (БОГ СПАМА) yeah nice video’s bozo

    • mcspeedy123 says:

      @Volshebnik (БОГ СПАМА) ehm ok idgaf

    • IM not GONNA tell YOU to WATCH my FIRST video says:


  7. Isaiah Creati says:

    This video is so well made! I hope one day I will be on the level that you archived! Big props my dude, love from Uruguay ✌❤

  8. Henrik Stein says:

    That ending literally made my day! Thank you Ryan!!

  9. Zach McAllister says:

    Ryan’s positivity is one of the best things on YouTube. Keep up the great work, man!

  10. Playify says:

    That was the most unexpected but best ending ever 😂

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