I Spent 100 Days on Just Bedrock (im not kidding)

I Spent 100 Days on Just Bedrock (im not kidding)

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Yeah Jaron spends 100 days on what seems like nothing

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37 Responses

  1. Yeah Jaron says:

    Stop browsing like a clone and get with a real one: https://operagx.gg/YeahJaron

  2. Justlake says:

    I feel like Jaron can do actually any challenge ever… Keep it up! 😅

  3. Heitor Curado Maciel Lopes says:

    This feels like the most theoretical run that nobody wanted to do.

  4. A_GodApple says:

    summary of this challenge: Jaron gets full diamond armor and tools but spends 45 days trying to get wood. Also known as PAIN

  5. Cheestastic says:

    I see Jaron is straying further into insanity

  6. Partially interesting says:

    I honestly really like that Jaron is willing to go over 100 days instead of “oh I’m only a few days from getting a max beacon, but that’s the time limit!”

  7. Username says:

    18:08 Beetroot had a use like 10 years ago when it was added to the Pocket Edition betas. It was a nice early game food source that doubled as an alterative way of getting rose red dye.

  8. Nicolas Gonzalez Avellaneda says:

    I love the challenges that jaron makes so much, and I know how much effort he puts in with them, so I don’t know if It’s too much, but can you make 200 hundred days?

  9. Jack Gartner says:

    With the number of days reaching 112, the Stardew Valley music becomes retroactively even more appropriate

  10. Trheros says:

    Grian should get you in the life series before you go crazy doing challenges.

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