I Spent 24 Hours In An Ice Hotel

I Spent 24 Hours In An Ice Hotel

HELLO FRIENDS!! Welcome to our next installment of our nordic/Scandinavian travel trip! After taking a warm bath in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland – I thought – let’s chill out a bit – literally – and head to the original Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden! Yes, this hotel is made completely out of ice and snow, and it melts and gets rebuilt every year – and yes, people actually sleep in here!! I’m very interested by **strange hotels** and after our trip to the Underwater Hotel last year, when I heard of the ICEHOTEL – I figured, we better check it out. So, after a brief moment being stuck in Iceland, we headed to the ICEHOTEL to investigate & spend the night – and hopefully not get cryogenically frozen like Walt Disney’s head. What do you guys think?? Would you stay here? Where should we go next?

Also – to add on to our disclaimer in the video – “Lapland” is not a technically a shared region, it’s a general region that spans across a few different countries!

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Dave Szamet
Melissa Douglas
Bree von Bradsky
Andrew Lainhart
Phil Kinney
Elizabeth Pinotti
Ishara Mathews

GFX by Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
1:56 Stuck In Iceland
5:20 A Day in Stockholm
6:55 Traveling to the Ice Hotel
7:52 Other (Not Icy) Buildings at the Ice Hotel
9:33 Finally, The Ice Hotel Itself
10:39 Ice Hotel Room Tours
14:02 Why does this thing exist?
16:48 Ice Hotel 365
18:46 Other Stuff to do at the Ice Hotel
20:03 Eating the Ice Menu
21:11 Our (ice) room
22:49 How to sleep in an ice room
24:37 Goodnight
26:13 Good Morning
27:47 Carve that Ice!
28:41 Outro

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35 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoyed this trip to the Ice Hotel in Sweden (and also our extended hi-jinks trying to actually **get** to the Ice Hotel)!! Our small stint at the ice bar in vegas couldn’t have prepared us for the bone-chilling-yet-very-beautiful rooms that this hotel had to offer. what do you guys think? pretty **cool**, eh? would you go to a hotel made of ice?? and, where should we go next? ☃also – to add on to our disclaimer in the video – “lapland” is not a technically a shared region, it’s a general region that spans across a few different countries! sorry for any confusion there!

    • Dollkitti says:

      I live in Belgium and I didn’t now that the horse one existed

    • Mariko True says:

      While I live in a state on the east coast of the U.S. where Spring is usually a week and Summer is a blistering hot 2 – 3 weeks then slam into Autumn for a month or two and the rest is all “Let It Go Land”, I am not sure that I would have lasted beyond the 2am bathroom break. Ummm those graphics on the bathroom doors seemed a bit mystic, hope you found “the” room you needed.🤣

    • Hazel Castro says:

      I was actually getting sad when you guys were not posting content but now I understand why so don’t worry take as much as you want to keep creating such awesome videos and taking us with you so we can also feel like we are with you. I’m learning so much from your trips, thank you.

    • 🌙Luna🌙 says:

      So I know one of the artists that is involved in the making of the ice hotel and it’s really fun seeing her stuff not only on ig. I believe she made the creepy clown room 🤡

    • Sherry Ann says:

      Sure … staying in Ice 365 SOUNDS great … sleeping in a cold place when it’s warm outside … but we’re not talkin’ Miami … it’s STILL northern Sweden. How warm can it really GET????

  2. Nicole B says:

    First a capsule hotel, then an underwater hotel, now an ice hotel. You guys need to do an extreme hotel bingo card 😂

  3. Don't T[A]P Me!! says:

    whenever safiya posts, the world becomes a little better, even if for a moment

  4. celi valike says:

    I love how wholesome their relationship is even amongst a stressful situation Tyler’s like hey I need a glove and she’s like left or right which one that’s cute

  5. Courtney Widener says:

    Saf asking “left or right” when Tyler needs a glove is the pinnacle of marriage

  6. kayla123ism says:

    I like how’s there’s no set style of videos from saf. She just does whatever video she wants to make and they’re all good too! ❤

  7. Moonveil says:

    I’m kind of surprised that the art ice rooms vs the regular ice rooms are only about an $80 difference. If I’m already forking over 700 dollars to stay here, I’d definitely go for one of the special ones.

    • angelicone181 says:

      ​@Justin Talks Film me either, interesting to watch but way to cold for my liking and I prefer an actual door on a hotel room not just a curtain that anyone could just walk into.

    • Charlotte Hesketh says:

      @demo between 10am-6pm everyone can view the ice rooms not just “special people making videos”

    • A v R says:

      @Demo she said in the video that the art rooms are closed off to the public after 6pm, so you can probably visit them before that

    • Demo says:

      ​@IchhabeKeineAhnung 2 Yes, them, but they probably made special arrangements to be able to access everything for a video. Normies like us can’t get that.

    • IchhabeKeineAhnung 2 says:

      Honestly you only actually sleep there, and they seem to be able to look at every other hotel room before they were used. All look awesome, but you won’t see the art in your sleep haha

  8. BadLactose says:

    Honestly, I’d be perfectly happy if you guys transitioned this into a travel channel. I love watching you two go on an adventures.

  9. Milo McMahon says:

    So glad y’all are going through with this extreme hotel stuff! Hope you guys give yourselves some time to rest in between stops though – and spa videos don’t count 😉

  10. Aishwarya says:

    Safiya quoting the “don’t make me sing” SNL sketch while standing on a stage in an ice chapel in a country across the world is somehow the most on-brand thing I’ve seen

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