I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive

I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive

This was the most insane thing I’ve ever done
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44 Responses

  1. Austen Alexander says:

    I don’t think they could fit enough snacks in my coffin for me to survive 50 hours

  2. PatarHD says:

    He’s officially unstoppable…

  3. MrBeast says:

    Like I said in the video, subscribe if you haven’t already and you could win $10,000!

  4. Elizabeth Afton says:

    I don’t know how you trusted ur friends I- I wouldn’t even trust my family members to do this to me- damn i- u trust them a lot that’s just amazing!

  5. Fooligan says:

    I would need about 25 Xanax just to survive this. You’re a brave dude!

  6. SparklySpartan04 says:

    Jimmy who has given an island away, sent things onto the moon, and just literally done the most insane things any human could hope to do: picks up camera with toes “that was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”


    Till Jimmy was buried alive and doing challenge and his friends were also doing a challenge to stay outside 50 hrs

  8. Julia Suk says:

    I’m surprised that Chris Chandler and Karl didn’t get tased because they lost

  9. Tycomac Codes says:

    I demand Guinness World Records to recognize this and award Mr. Beast, because it was literally the toughest challenge that anyone could make.

  10. PopcornDude 20 says:

    Imagine studying 5 years for a medical degree to just monitor a guy who’s been buried alive

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