I Spent A Day With A Teen Mom

I Spent A Day With A Teen Mom

I spent a day with my new friend Ashley, one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. Download Bumble to start making new friends here:

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Thank you to Pablo and Sara for teaching us bachata for the day! Take a lesson with them: https://www.instagram.com/pabloandsara_salsabachata/



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68 Responses

  1. Jenna A. says:

    never clicked so fastt

  2. Jerry Chable says:

    Omg. I love you so much?. Thanks for inspiring people to give their best !?

  3. sugakookie Bae says:

    Can we just appreciate Michelle for making videos that are actually useful and uplifting and serious.

    • Eva Wadley says:

      Boaty Mc Boatface your level of ignorance is kinda unbelievable

    • Jessica Rodriguez says:

      You know not every teen that has a baby is a hoe, i had my baby at 17 because i was joining the military and i wanted to start my life early, i did graduate school and did sports in school and was a really good student and i don’t drink do drugs or go out and party so don’t judge someone just cause they have a baby at an early age, and it is none of your business it’s there life. And i planned my life ahead so i can play qith my child and dont have to be tired like all these parents having kids at 30 or 40 but that’s my opinion

    • Jessica Rodriguez says:

      I do know some girls that partied all the time and dropped out but my story is very different and my pregnancy was planned

    • Jessica Rodriguez says:

      And too i am married and am not single and he is a hard worker too, (thank god for cowboys though) he loves me and our son and both planned our lives when i turned 17

    • TashaGlam1 says:

      +Boaty Mc Boatface You are a major b*tch. Screw you. You don’t know what she’s been through, so f*ck off.

  4. Silver says:

    _This is such a beautiful way to use a platform…to raise an awareness for these sort of things..❤️❤️_

  5. Muazzam Imaharan says:

    I wish I could tell you in person how much you inspire me to do great every single day, Michelle. Thank you for being you!

  6. Klaus Is a baby says:

    You’re channel is so interesting! You have so many educational and amazing videos? Keep up the good work??

  7. Michelle Khare says:

    Good morning gang 🙂 what did y’all think of this new style of video? Should we do more “day in the life” episodes? P.S. as always – doing BTS and Q&A all day on my Instagram!! Come join!! @michellekhare

    • Gabrielle Holt says:

      Can you do a day in the life of someone who owns their own small business? To show support of a new entrepreneur so other hopeful entrepreneurs (like myself) can gain insight and inspiration? It can be any business but nothing too big so that it can shed light on locals killing it on a smaller scale in their community

    • Sophie Oril says:

      I loved this video and I’d love to see many more of this kind

    • Kellie Evetts says:

      +whybother yes! Love all those!!

    • Amanda Cefaratti says:

      Honestly loved it and love that the diet videos are kind of stopping. They kind of make me feel strange because I know you’re not encouraging anyone to crash diet but sometimes I feel like it I have to diet right after I see them. I know that’s 1000% not the point but I honestly stopped watching your channel for a bit so I wouldn’t see them. I was so happy to see a new interesting take on a day in the life video here!

    • LPS wolfcreations says:

      Michelle Khare I suggest doing a video about the Coast Guard, one of the most underrepresented military branches. Most people don’t know much about what they do and how mentally challenging the Coast Guard boot camp is. Semper Paratus

  8. YAJ says:

    Michelle is honestly the best content creator on here. I love when she tries so many different things and shares other peoples experiences. This is what I come onto YouTube for.

  9. Nimbala says:

    You should train to be a police officer!

  10. Satan says:

    Honestly this is a great, great way to use your platform.

  11. Oof And yeet says:


  12. Evelyn Syiemlieh says:

    Ashley looked so happy dancing! My heart ?❤

  13. Sandra Gover says:

    It would be so cool if you did a day in the life of a Native American woman! Either urban or who lives on the reservation.

    • Waabeegoness says:

      It would be a great idea to show how people go from the two worlds because more often then not we can’t just live in the one world. ❤

    • Jordan Oglesby says:

      Sandra Gover AMAZING idea Sandra! I agree, I would so love to see that video.

    • Lily Stewart says:

      I would love that! Definitely some weird lives living partly on a reservation and partly urban life as a teen. Would be cool to also talk to some of the elders on the reservation too(I always love listening to the stories)

    • Angela Rose says:

      I’m a Native American teen mom, I had my son when I was 19. I’m 22 and I’m pregnant again. I was born and raised on the flathead reservation in Montana but I now live about 15 miles off the reservation in a bigger city because there’s more opportunities here 🙂

    • Lil Lily 510 says:

      Yes it would be cool, I actually have some Native in me.

  14. nativemama04 says:

    I think this was a good way to show the simple life of regular struggling Americans. Think that you can do so much more in this- i.e., volunteer at a non-profit, veterans, elderly, children,and etc. I believe giving back is so important and fulfilling. I hope you make more of these videos because maybe it will get America into the “family living” and caring/loving country that we need to be. You have a great and inspiring platform…use it that greatness you have in your heart.

  15. Sonia Maria Curca says:

    Love this. You should do a series named “Out of my comfort zone”

  16. Tylia13 says:

    Petition to let jojo meet Meghan

  17. Khadija B. says:

    megan is so cute im devASTATED ?

  18. cameron alexander says:

    for only being 21 years old, she is doing AMAZING for herself. not just materialistic things, but being emotionally there for her child is something many parents who’ve got years ahead of her can’t do. i love this, michelle. thank you❤️

    • Devenbobeven says:

      Yeah she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a good sense of family. That kid is surrounded by a bunch of people trying their best to raise her. It’s so refreshing to see.

  19. Gabas Elamin says:


    if she’s comfortable with doing so

  20. paranoiaprincess says:

    I would love if you could do a day in the life with a person in a wheelchair. I am, and I would totally be up for it, but I’m in Toronto, and can’t travel.

    The reason being, so many people don’t realize how important a simple thing like a ramp is. Or an accessible washroom, and especially, an elevator.

    Yesterday was a good example of this. There was a bomb threat on our subway system. Because of the lack of elevators at the stops, what was supposed to be a 45 minute subway ride, turned into a 3+ hour crap fest. Just having elevators at each station would have saved all of that. The thing is, I am so lucky I have someone to push me. If I were on my own (I can’t use my chair on my own but even if I could, because the only building we could find, that we could afford, doesn’t have a ramp, I can’t even get out of my own building alone) I would have never made it.

    People who don’t directly know people in wheelchairs, and spent time with them, really don’t understand how important an accessible world is to us. I would absolutely love if you could do a video with someone in that situation, to spread awareness.

    Thank you for reading ♡

    • Em Bem says:

      paranoiaprincess Yes this is a great idea! My son is 3.5 and does not walk and SO MANY PLACES are not truly accessible. Toronto subway is so so annoying for it and they need to fix it for every single station.

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