I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS (ft. SwaggerSouls, Corpse Husband, BlackySpeakz)

I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS (ft. SwaggerSouls, Corpse Husband, BlackySpeakz)

I spent a day with famous faceless YouTubers to learn the truth about this secretive way of living.
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🧨HUGE thank you to:
▸ SwaggerSouls – https://youtube.com/SwaggerSoulsPlays
▸ Corpse Husband – https://youtube.com/Corpse_Husband
▸ BlackySpeakz – https://youtube.com/BlackySpeakz

▸ VIRAL MEME STARS – https://youtu.be/kUexle4jktU
▸ LEGENDARY OG YOUTUBERS – https://youtu.be/Jb-179F-uyI
▸ FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS – https://youtu.be/BVvUx3cjHSk

▸ Creator, Director, Writer, etc. – Anthony Padilla
▸ Production Coordinator, Co-writer & Research – Elise Felber
▸ Executive Producer – Alessandra Catanese
▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer – Zach Zeidman
▸ Editor – Mike Criscimagna
▸ Assistant Camera Operator & Assistant Editor – Robert Butler III
▸ Stage Manager – Cort Maclean

▸ If you are part of an under represented subculture with a way of life you feel is not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me in LA, email ispentadaywith [at] apadilla.co with your subculture in the title of the email.

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63 Responses

  1. AnthonyPadilla says:

    come back next week for *I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS* — thank you so much for supporting me and this series 🙂
    ps: SHOUT OUT TO OUR SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE! download Raid for free with the links in the description.
    pps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

  2. Trash Can says:

    Corpse Husband even has a horror voice during a normal conversation. What a legend.

  3. Ginger Snaps says:

    Okay… But like. Never heard of his YouTube before but I’m in love with Corpse’s voice. Omg.

  4. Jess E says:

    I want so bad for SwaggerSouls to say “I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell”

  5. Viogie Viogie says:

    Swagger revealing his Human Shrek eyes really shook Anthony to his core

  6. Marine Girl says:

    Anthony: I’m basically a raid shadow legend god
    His phone: level 2

  7. Abiel Perez says:

    If you look closely into Anthony soul you can see blackyspakz and can see how majestic his face really is

  8. Ah ya duh says:

    This entire comment section is full of men AND women getting thirsty over corpse husbands voice, his style and his body

    I am one of them

    I need to sub to him immediately

  9. Palmer 132 says:

    Anthony: so how do you maintain you content

    Howtobasic: sits on an egg and then runs with sausages

  10. UG_Surge says:

    Swagger: *Padildo?*

    Anthony: Yeah, but you can get this for free

    Swagger: Damn, shove this in your ### Holy ####

    Anthony: *I think I will!*

  11. stan min yoongi says:

    if corpse husband doesn’t have dark hair i’m going to question my existence

    • LIyre says:

      stan min yoongi that’s so weird he could look like anything but I already have a distinct expression of what he might look like

  12. shef K says:

    Ngl, when Anthony said “today’s sponsor: Raid Shadow legends-” I was expecting him to start laughing and say ” Nah, the real sponsor is-“

    • artsypeachygirly says:


    • A. I. says:

      I’m almost disappointed Anthony chose to be sponsored by such deceptive advertisers who claim they don’t pay anyone to promote.

      But I guess money talks ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Hannah Bloom says:

      A. I. Well, clearly they do, but we know that a lot of money and work goes into the series, so any sponsor is okay with me, yet I will say I did expect a fake out.

  13. Bluelight Cult says:

    You’d imagine more people would recognize corpse husband from his voice

  14. Poonis Png says:

    That Joji part made me want a video where Anthony speaks to him about what it’s like transitioning from YouTube to something completely different. Anthony if you see this, I’d love that video

  15. Priyanshu Chandra says:

    “Clout is a disease”
    – BlackySpeakz 2020

  16. Lavender Llama says:

    everyone’s mentioning how Corpse is attractive with his voice and swear he must look really good. I get that and all but the important thing is his mental health. It’s apparent that he struggles a lot with anxiety and might have a lot of insecurities as well. I wish him the best and i hope he can eventually overcome all that

  17. Jaxs Jpg says:

    Corpse has such a hot energy, all the girls thirsting over him and they ain’t even seen his face, the raw power that man has…

  18. spooky slice of bread says:

    cropse’ friends must be like “dude lowkey is in the mafia. He has a secret room and he doesn’t tell us how he gets the cash”

  19. Avenging Dreams says:

    Honestly feel so sorry for Corpse Husband, he seems like he really needs a break.

  20. Lex Lawler says:

    Anthony: You have five seconds to shout out whatever you want.
    Swagger: _Promotes gangs_
    Blacky: _Accidentally reveals his superstar identity_
    Corpse: _Existential dread_

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