I Spent a Day with Giants (World’s Strongest Men)

I Spent a Day with Giants (World’s Strongest Men)

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Thank you to the legendary Stoltman Brothers for hosting us up in Scotland! We had such a blast hanging out and getting to know them. They are such pure legends, pushing the limits of human strength and we can’t wait to continue seeing them take over the world. You can check out their YouTube channel here!

Tom Stoltman is the current World’s Strongest Man while Luke Stoltman, his older brother, is the current Europe’s Strongest Man. These are the two biggest title in the sport making them not only the strongest brothers in the world but arguably the strongest men in the world. I hope you enjoy watching us spend a day trying to keep up with them..

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29 Responses

  1. Eric Tabach says:

    I still can’t believe I’m the strongest member of Yes Theory. Don’t ever underestimate the Tabach power. Thank you Stoltman Brothers for an incredible experience!

  2. Stoltman Brothers says:

    Thanks so much for coming to spend time with us and experience our strongman life! We loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  3. JTjelly14 says:

    For such freakishly strong beasts they both seems like the sweetest and cutest men in Scotland

    • Mark Of the Warrior says:

      Tons of people in the fitness world (strongman, powerlifters, bodybuilders) are gentle giants. Something about lifting 4 hours a day puts you in a calming state

  4. Shyviolin says:

    The fact that Eric was underestimated by everyone 🤣 he’s got some bragging rights now

  5. Argonile says:

    I love how they joked with Eric being the weakest, and suddenly he just blows everyone’s mind with the 200 kilo lift. Honestly impressive for all the things everyone did, what a good friendship you guys have.

    Edit: the final workout was even more beautiful to see him achieve! Good work to Eric!

  6. Patterrz says:

    3:30 imagine starting your day with one of the world strongest men jumping on you at 5:30am

  7. Hanan ishfaq says:

    They are really what they call GENTLE GIANTS. Really love their heart winning humbleness and overall vibe these guys have. Nothing but respect.

  8. Amir Zakeri says:

    This was so good haha

  9. HillierSmith says:

    I somehow have the sudden urge to bench press.

    • truechrisz says:

      hi hillier

    • Loving Dean The GOD Machine says:

      Do push ups and just act like your benching the Earth 🌍 that’s what I do 😂

    • alinity says:

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  10. TimeBucks says:

    An amazing episode

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