I Stayed In A Glass Igloo In The Arctic Circle

I Stayed In A Glass Igloo In The Arctic Circle

HELLO FRIENDS!! Welcome to the final installment of our Nordic/Scandinavian trip – the Glass Igloos in Finland! So far on our trip, we have taken a communal hot bath at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, nearly cryogenically frozen ourselves at the ICEHOTEL in Sweden, and now we’re on to Arctic Finland to stay in a glass igloo under the northern lights!

For years, I’ve been seeing the glass igloos in Finland on my instagram, tiktok – **and YouTube shorts** feeds – and I’ve always wanted to try them out. I’ve never seen the northern lights before, and I’ve also never stayed in a human-sized terrarium before, but I’ve always been intrigued by those see-through bubble tents – so we decided to go and try one out and see if we freeze our butts off! And while at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, home of the glass igloos, we also tried a bunch of arctic activities – like snowmobiling, reindeer sleigh rides, dog sledding, and traditional Finnish sauna-ing and ice bathing!!

What do you think?? Would you stay in a glass igloo?

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Dave Szamet
Melissa Douglas
Phil Kinney
Bree von Bradsky
Elizabeth Pinotti
Ishara Mathews

GFX by Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
01:57 Traveling to Finland
3:08 Arriving at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
4:49 Getting to our Glass Tent
5:45 Glass Tent Tours!
8:50 Every building is made of glass
10:21 Arctic Activity Time!
11:05 Santa’s Village
12:00 Reindeer Sleigh
13:59 Traditional Finnish Sauna and Ice Pool
17:27 Snowmobiling
18:25 Husky Farm
19:01 Northern Lights
20:51 Dog Sledding
23:36 Outro

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42 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome to the final installment of our Nordic/Scandinavian trip – the Glass Igloos in Finland! we’ve been seeing these bad boys all of the internet for years, and finally had the chance to try them out – as well as a bunch of arctic activities, including a very chilling ice bath session 🥶and a very bumpy dog sledding tour (foreshadowing)🐕what do you guys think? would you stay in a glass igloo? and where do you think we should we travel to next?? xoxo, saf

    • Harry says:

      Thank you for this Saf, absolutely loved this series and I’m looking forward to finishing this glass igloo video❤, hope you and Tyler are doing well.

    • The poof-a-loo Gamer says:

      try going to all of British

    • petra says:

      ok picture shenanigans in europe

    • Jessica R. says:

      I have always wanted to see the northern lights in person! This place is beautiful. I would definitely stay here. Even though the cold is my archenemies. Also, I would love to see you guys go to Australia.

    • Sweesiy says:

      I’d love to experience the igloos they look super cool especially the sled riding

  2. Partaagama says:

    As a Finn I always love when foreigners get to appreciate and explore our nature and culture 🙂

    • Mira Zenker says:

      Same! Even though the way they used they pulkka drove me slightly crazy. Like don’t leave your legs out, that will slow you down and get you covered in snow friends! 😂

    • Mo Nete says:

      You guys are seriously the best. I love your nature, culture and music, but especially your sense of humor and personalities, perhaps because it’s very similar to mine 🙂

    • The Oreo whale says:

      Yeah definetly, i’m half Finnish and i have been to Finland lots of times, so it feels good to see other people enjoy it as well!

    • pompula tytto says:

      Same! Minus the way Safiya said “Kakslauttanen”. 😂

    • Aino Kettunen says:

      Same here! I was so excited for this. It was really fun seeing them in Lapland doing same things I have done 😄

  3. Verena L says:

    As a European it is so funny how impressed Safiya and Tyler are by the “uneventful” border crossing 😂

    • Mo Nete says:

      Right? I’d love her to cross the border from Poland to Czechia from the polish town Cieszyn. It’s literally just crossing the bridge near the centre of the town, and you can’t even tell you’re already in a diffiferent country 😀

    • Maja Pszczoła says:

      I once crossed into Czechia by accident on a scavenger hunt, because the girl who was holding the map confused the border with a big road… the camp guide asked as not to talk about it at camp, not because it was or something illegal but because it was unplanned and she didn’t want to get into trouble… 😅

    • 메레디쓰 입니당 💜 says:

      I live near 2 borders of Belgium and Germany, I get groceries and gas at my neighbor countries like I also do in my own country 😂 Europe is so unbothered, we truly live in freedom. #grateful

    • Myrthe Brinkman says:

      @Mo Netethank you, I think I have finally found the mysterie border crossing from my childhood holiday years ago. I am trying to search for this place for soo long 😂

    • IceCranberry says:

      Haha. yes. I always have to remind myself that I DO need my documents to check into a hotel because they are never checked at borders.

  4. Hypn0p0mpic says:

    As a Belgian who drives to Germany, France and the Netherlands quite regularly, I chuckled at their surprise when they didn’t have to “do anything” once they crossed the border.

    • Ulisse DaZante says:

      I’m old enough to remember when we had to do something crossing Italy to France.
      A quick glance at the ID cards, nothing serious, but you have to stop at the gendarme.

  5. Katherine Wren says:

    They don’t often use terms of endearment so hearing Tyler call Safiya sweetie just about melted me entirely.

  6. Amy Scherer says:

    As someone who lives in inland Alaska, I will say that nose freezing is WEIRD. It’s my least, and also favorite feeling. Also, you got gorgeous northern lights videos. I’ve lived here 3 years and see them multiple times a winter and the awe factor never leaves. Reindeer are basically giant puppies, and I rescued two previous Alaskan husky sled dogs and they’re all that wild. I loved this! 💜

    • misses elise says:

      i was literally just thinking abt if people who live where the northern lights are visible get tired of them

    • Amy Scherer says:

      @misses elise never. I can see them out the windows of my house in the winter every few weeks, and yeah never tired of them. It’s like seeing a moose. Always the best thing in the world.

    • Miena Friggstad says:

      🙋‍♀️ Hi from Saskatchewan. Nope never get tired of seeing Northern lights ❤

    • Travel Murmur says:

      You should start a YouTube channel!

    • Apphia Perkins says:

      When I was little, I thought I wanted to own a sled and sled-dogs when I grew up because I was obsessed with Balto. Now I’m glad I never got to follow through with that particular dream because I could *not* handle their energy 😩

  7. emily says:

    I love hove Tyler is more worried about Saf than himself. He’s freezing and he goes “let’s get you inside”

  8. Lily Bliblablubb says:

    As someone who was also recently cursed by the stomach bug, but in the comfort of my own home, you have my full sympathy. Having it on a crowded plane, oh boy, what a nightmare. They also say that planes are flying petri dishes so you might have gotten it from there, considering how often you flew

  9. Jacob Kellar says:

    I love the fact that when Melissa thought she was going to throw up saf yelled immediately for them to stop showing how much she cares for people.

    • Gray on the Water says:

      I mean yeah but literally any decent person would do the same thing especially if they are directly in front of someone saying they might throw up

  10. april elliott says:

    as a northern girl, the squeaky Styrofoam sound of the snow tells me everything about how cold it is (and the frozen nose hairs 😆)

    • Hailey Crawford says:

      Living in the northern US, I’ve only experienced -20 Fahrenheit, and even then walking to classes meant frozen nose hairs and blinding white. I can’t even imagine what these temperatures feel like!

    • Izu says:

      You can really tell the temperature by the sound of snow 😂 It’s so real

    • Anni Carlsson says:

      At negativ 13 C it’s not really that cold yet. Thats the warm vinter up there

    • Anastasija Gorshanova says:

      I really miss feeling with frozen nose hair now and how silent it is when snowing with huge snowflakes 🙈

    • Elieli says:

      @Hailey Crawford Oh, -20 degrees in Fahrenheit is about as cold as it gets in most of Finland during winter, with some short exceptions, usually in the very north and sometimes east. According to the converter I used, that would be about -29 celsius 😀 I read that this past winter’s cold record was about -35 degrees celsius (-31 degrees fahrenheit) and it was in the northernmost region, as could be expected. The coldest it’s ever been recorded here was -51,5 celsius (-60 fahrenheit) and that was over twenty years ago. It is much more typical to have longer periods of about -10 to -15 degrees celsius (14 to 5 degrees fahrenheit), with the very South being too warm to have consistent snow coverage.
      Our temperatures are actually much milder compared to the same latitude in other parts of the world, since the Gulf Stream keeps us somewhat warm 😀 We just get the light and darkness of the north, with the somewhat livable temperatures :’D Northern Finland doesn’t get even a sliver of sun for a month during winter, and the sun doesn’t go below the horizon for an equal time during summer. It’s always fun to look at sunrise and sunset times of the town of Utsjoki and see a date instead of a time xD I personally live about half-way up the country, so here, you basically get three hours of sunrise going straight to sunset, during winter, and it’s often hidden by clouds, anyway. The opposite in the summer, and even when the sun is down for the couple hours it stays below horizon, the sky doesn’t get dark, it just becomes “evening” for a while 😀

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