I Stayed Overnight In An Underwater Hotel

I Stayed Overnight In An Underwater Hotel

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HELLO FRIENDS! We’re diving back into travel content with a trip to Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, FL – a completely underwater hotel 20 feet below the surface! We saw this thing online, and decided we had to go – so we headed over to Florida and scuba’d (for the first time ever) our way down to the lodge, and then stayed there overnight. What do you think of this thing? Would you spend the night under the sea?

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33 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope you guys enjoy our wild ride (dive?) into Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, FL! what do you guys think of this place? would you stay here? also, thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! if you’re interested, you can check out my exclusive NordVPN deal at https://nordvpn.com/safiya & use coupon code “safiya” at checkout! xoxo, saf

  2. glory sagala says:

    i really hope this becomes a series, safiya and weird hotels are like the perfect combo 🤩🤩

  3. Kyla Fuller says:

    I love her giving credit to each clip. Most don’t even put it in the description. These are beautiful places and I’m excited to watch. I’m not a traveler but I can live vicariously through y’all.

  4. Aaron Bower says:

    Honestly, as a certified scuba diver it’s pretty impressive that both of you only had minor troubles getting down and back up, seeing as you had no prior diving experience. Scuba is no joke, but it seems like the staff there is doing everything they can to assist their patrons.

  5. Zed Linden says:

    I’d love to see this become a series– it’s less of a “look at where I went and what I can afford” and more “look at this place/opportunity and all the people who operate it” which is VERY rare from a travel series and exactly what I want to see!

  6. Bela Rivas says:

    I love that rather than being super luxury basically wealth porn, this feels like an adventure in cool and interesting things that are kind of attainable. Complete with history and research into it. Deeefinitely would love to see this as a series!

  7. RavenWitch45 says:

    Honestly a series of Odd hotels just sounds so fitting for this channel. I would love that.

  8. AbbeyV says:

    So I love this and I really hope it becomes a series! But as an experienced diver, I do want to clarify- you can certainly get diving injuries in only 20 ft of water. Both decompression illness and lung over expansion injuries. Pressure increases logarithmically with depth so the greatest change in pressure actually takes place during the first 30 feet below sea level. And even though you’re not still breathing from a scuba tank while in the hotel, you are breathing air at depth, or at increased pressure. And you’re doing that for a long time- a full 24 hours. Whenever you breathe air at depth, your body absorbs more nitrogen. You do absorb a larger quantity of nitrogen gas in less time at greater depths, but the 24 hour period means there’s still a considerable amount of nitrogen in your systems. The only way I could think that this wouldn’t be the case would be if there was enriched air being pumped into the habitat…All that being said, it seems like the team of experts working there took perfect care of you and kept you safe!
    But for the sake of other new folks getting into diving, I just wanted to clarify: shallow depth does not necessarily mean less risk when diving.

    • Alli B says:

      👏 ty for this!

    • Conor Noakes says:

      @Caroline it was probably meant more as “any injuries you may sustain from abandoning the habitat in an emergency are going to be significantly less severe than staying in the habitat during those emergencies” especially WRT fire

    • Caroline says:

      I thought there’s no risk in swimming out of there without gear? But this comment made me curious. I have been underwater at depths like this without breathing equipment when I was younger and swimming was my almost everyday sport. I have a little bit ‘diving with gear’ experience, as in: I’ve been on a handful of guided tours on holidays. Diving with gear was cool because I could stay under for a long time. But it was super slow for safety reasons and sometimes it still hurt my ears. I never had that pain without diving equipment. Is there a reason and if so, is what Safiya meant that it’s safe to swim out without equipment? Because I know I would do it without hesitation. I’m just not sure it’s smart anymore after reading this ☺

  9. Myg_ho3 says:

    saf, ive truly never ever needed a series more than this odd hotel series. i feel like you’re the only person on youtube who could do it justice either your incredible review style and amazing video editing, please please make this a series!!

  10. CherryWallflower TV says:

    Saf is the perfect balance of awkward, self-assured, well versed and quirky. My favorite kind of travel host! Tyler seems just like the guy version of her 😆

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