Valentine’s Day! In today’s video, Dixie and I celebrate our Valentine’s Day weekend with a little surprise I put together. Enjoy!

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Edited By: David Aguilar

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78 Responses

  1. Its mandy says:

    literally Nobody:
    Noah: tomorrows valentines day, no i mean tosay is friday wait, today is friday and tomorrow is saturday

  2. Lois Korpershoek says:

    Noah is so caring, he knows Dixie has bad anxiety and he knew she needed a little break so he let her nap for an hour on his lap

  3. Valeria Nicole says:

    Noah is such a caring boyfriend. She is so lucky to have him.

  4. Chad Rhoden says:

    I can’t be the only one who got nervous when the car went flying off the cliff😮

  5. EverydayAlina says:

    He treats her like a Queen and she’s very private but I’m sure she treats him like a king! Love this so much

  6. Madison Madore says:

    Noah literally treats her like a queen and nothing less. Hes so supportive and even makes he laugh and its a real smile this time

  7. Be Positive says:

    This video should have been titled “Noah being a good boyfriend for 8 minutes”

  8. xoxvicky says:

    Noah *plans a romantic vacation weekend for Valentine’s day*
    Dixie: *sleeps*

  9. Sarah the footballer says:

    Did anyone else have a heart attack when Noah said “she’s shaking like a chawawa”and then pudgy was barking ???

  10. Louie BadOuie says:

    Noah: “we have some fun activities planed right now”
    Dixie: “nap time”
    Noah: “yea all she wants to do is nap”
    Dixie: “no I-“
    Noah:”she loves a good nap”
    Noah: “ we’ll have fun… memories”

  11. fr0zenintimeee says:

    y’all cute

  12. nongamer says:

    noah is the sweetest person ever. he already knew dixie was stressed and wanted her to have a little break.

  13. Lily Crone says:

    I love how Dixie can wear anything, anywhere and Noah doesn’t say anything. Like dude full respect from me

  14. əve silva says:

    noah is literally one of the sweetest human beings I have seen on social media as an influencer, literally only 39 seconds into this video and I just don’t understand why people hate him. he’s doesn’t deserve any hate.

  15. Jay Bee says:

    Bro it’s true Dixie is a robot and she has to go “energy charging mode” which to us means “nap”. 🤯

  16. 05 Ananya Purohit says:

    Okay but don’t ever break this man’s heart

  17. eshalll Muaviyath says:

    Noah: dixie wants a nap
    Dixie: no i just want cuddles

    Me: theyy are soo cute 🥺🥰😘

  18. onejda says:

    Dixie is lucky to have a boyfriend like noah ,he really treat her like a real queen❤

  19. Paisley Wilder says:

    Noah treats Dixie like a queennnnn it is so adorable I hope that everyone could have I relationship as good as theirs #RelationshipGoals

  20. Fierce Peter Gaming says:


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