I Survived 100 Days as an ALLIGATOR in Minecraft

I Survived 100 Days as an ALLIGATOR in Minecraft

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days as an ALLIGATOR in Minecraft


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22 Responses

  1. DeathClawProductions says:

    A 100 day idea I’m interested in personally is as a Wasp/Hornet. I wonder how you’ll handle the powers and designs of the evolutions if you ever decide to do it.

    • Boxy gaming says:

      @deathclawproduction crocodiles are what I want sadly he put their death roll in a alligator video 😂 alligators don’t death roll and crocodiles have the strongest jaw but still I’m a big fan of his content

    • DeathClawProductions says:

      @Boxy gaming Crocodiles might be better known for it, but Alligators can and do death roll as well for the same reasons as crocodiles (they can’t exactly chew so they roll to help tear it apart and to kill prey).

      You are 100% correct in saying the Crocs have a stronger bite though.

    • someone_ says:


    • Man0dirt says:

      Yes do that!

    • EnderGamer says:

      Name I’ll il crocadile

  2. mordormiddleearthbeastmaster says:

    Lol I love that the alligator has a propeller hat also I would name one either snapper or Alex. (For 7:33 in case anyone was confused lol) Also have an awesome day.

  3. Kotushk Fier says:

    Don’t know if anyone else mentioned, but there’s an easier method to nautilus shells. Fish. Fishing gets me one during rainstorms with a decent rod fairly regularly. Like one per minute.

  4. ViperGX says:

    I would’ve loved if he had the names as the largest alligators in the world as the names of his alligator level up.

  5. snappy_krokodil says:

    Yes. Finally.

    Though it might not be a crocodile, it is still what I hoped to see. And yes, I also know Steve Irwin.

  6. Leo Spruance-kryselmire says:

    The reason the wooden sword broke so quickly is because tools take double damage doing something that they’re not supposed to.

  7. Adrconte1234 says:

    If a challenge gets too tough for the hunters, they should be able to call in for backup later on, like, day 75!
    It’ll make it harder for you, and, it’ll add more people into the fray!
    Edit: At most six hunters in total at day 100, three more added on day 75

  8. Sky Meeks says:

    I’ve heard of Steve Irwin and he was a fantastic guy. Also, for your next video, can you please survive 100 days as a dunkleosteus? It is a terrifying prehistoric shark and I think it would be fun to see another video surviving as a prehistoric creature. Plus, I don’t think many people have heard of a dunkleosteus.

  9. DragonAbyss says:

    I love your videos, always ready for the next one to come out

  10. Darksylvain8222 says:

    Tip with trying to find mangrove swamps is to find a large jungle biome and skit around the edges; there is normally always a mangrove biome there

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