I Survived 100 Days in HEAVEN in Minecraft

I Survived 100 Days in HEAVEN in Minecraft

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days in HEAVEN in Minecraft


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11 Responses

  1. Carie J. Pippins says:

    I enjoy these videos a lot. Though I am curious if you are going to be doing those 100 days were you try to escape a factory or prison of some sort, since those have been my favorite of your videos

    • Dragcun Tegura says:

      I see a lot of people asking him to go back to the farm and prison videos he used to do and while I agree it would be nice I also have to wonder if maybe they went to this hunter format because it was easier. In the farm videos they not only had to make the mods for the video but also the entire map they used. The hunter videos all they really need is the mods and then create a new world. Like I said it would be nice for them to make another farm/prison video but I think I can see why they haven’t.

  2. Aaron Alkor says:

    In order to hide your base more, I suggest making use of natural light sources to light up the area surrounding your base instead of torches.

  3. Theoreomixer says:

    Gotta admit I love the different environments you guys are adding now.

  4. Cyber Goblin says:

    I just knew that sooner or later one of these challenges would throw the opening boat strat out the window. I love the boss arena though, it reminds me of the old map challenges

  5. theultimategamersterrazas says:

    Hi Ryan I’ve been watching you for the past 8 years now and you still seem to surpass my expectations of what you can do, keep up the good work. Also sadly YouTube kept unsubing me so it says I’ve been subbed from much less than I actually have.

  6. ink!shift_asriel VA says:

    when getting kills testing out the combat upgrades you just got, you should actually find an opening to start another upgrade, and take those kills while testing the upgrade you just got. just something ive noticed.

  7. alyssa smith says:

    Brooo I’ve been a fan for years I’m so happy that your still doing YouTube I love your vids and please keep doing what your doing

  8. Rose The Hybrid says:

    Maybe doing 100 days in the nether or even 100 days as a Hydra would be a pretty cool!

    • Rose The Hybrid says:

      But always keep up the good work! Your videos inspired me to become a better player in Minecart and one day, I want to do the same challenges as you do when my channel becomes bigger, as well as get a new pc!

  9. JustFly12 says:

    I love how he said he no arrows but has 6 arrows in the chest but then totally ignores it

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