I Survived 100 Days of REAL LAWS in Minecraft

I Survived 100 Days of REAL LAWS in Minecraft

Following the law is easy, but not Minecraft Hardcore. And not for 100 days.

This is a silly hardcore 100 days video I’ve spent the last two months making on and off, so I hope you guys like it 🙂


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25 Responses

  1. Branzy says:

    Come on, did you think I could have it end any other way? 😉

  2. Wunba says:

    This has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen! I was laughing at the accuracy of most of it! Did you really spend $50 on a land permit!? 😂

  3. Kaury says:

    It’s hilarious to really call the wild life department xd

  4. StrawberryBlueFox says:

    I love that Branzy includes the times he messed up, that honestly just makes it way funnier and more real, too xD

  5. Mysterious (hi) says:

    The fact branzy called the actual hunting services for video reasons makes it even better

  6. Himiko Toga says:

    I never realised real life laws would be so annoying in Minecraft

  7. Koala The Best says:

    That ending was an incredible yet highly expected plot twist. Keep up the good work Branzy!

  8. Zombie Sazza says:

    “He was like, a very distance 5th cousin, twice removed, on the side of the family that I never speak to anymore for moral reasons”
    This is way too real

  9. Emmett Ogden says:

    It’s insane just how much this channel is growing! I remember subscribing when you were just over 300 subscribers and you were already producing high quality content. It’s only gotten better.

  10. HybridMagz says:

    what a masterpiece, i’ve loved getting to see your editing get better and better over the last few years

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