I Survived 300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

I Survived 300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

I hope you guys liked this 100 days video, It was a long time coming but a lot of fun, I feel like we got a ton of stuff done! Make sure to drop a like on the video if you guys want to see 400 days in an ocean only world! #100Days #Minecraft #Minecrafthardcord

100 days ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7u1s6zH3QE&t
200 days ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MoZqGZQsZk&t

Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original idea!

Gold farm ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdfYiePDvBo&t

Try it the ocean world yourself ➡ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10UDIifA6R0zcVajl_Pulkicle9DoRl1J?usp=sharing

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42 Responses

  1. Gh057 Ltda says:

    if he is going to keep this world for the audience and for as long as he’s not dead, im seeing 40000 days coming

  2. Not PaulGG says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed these 100 days! I am going to be starting another 100 day series very soon that will blow this one out of the water….. get it? water? like and subscribe ❤

  3. Erick Grolano Fernandes says:

    Suggestion: Make a special area for Chickpea so they don’t die suffocated in a tree.

  4. Not PaulGG says:

    Also we can definitely ignore the fact that I said 200 days at the end right…. lmao

  5. TheDborden says:

    Mount Fried Chicken, It’s where all the bad chickens go.

  6. Nugget says:

    That iconic moment of 2 chicken dying is that meme “Oh no. Anyways”

  7. Squiddyboii0091 2 says:

    Ik I’m late but I want the mountain or volcano mt GG or
    Volcanic panic lol

  8. Kat Beguhl says:

    The farm is built fine, it’s the fact that everything you’re wearing and using has mending. Mending is amazing but boy is it an XP guzzler

  9. Adrian Vargas says:

    I love how he is like a child and explains every single tinny tiny detail

  10. Coconut Banna says:

    You should call the volcano “the volcano of tripile” (because of the three hundred days, get it tri, like three, it’s pronounced TRI-PILE try, like try and pile like a mound or, a pile.

  11. Otonashi Izumi says:

    “Cobblestone from the mine”

    *mines andesite*

  12. _lynnloo ` says:

    man said “luckily im from the hood” 🥲

  13. Jonathon Basden says:

    I’m a new sub and I love this series! You should definitely do 400 days!!!!!

  14. BalisticPumPkin says:

    “Man sweeping edge is so op”
    Me: But its Smite 🙁

  15. Hilmie Subong says:

    Alternative Title: I mess up saying bwasic werds

  16. Poor Guy says:

    Ocean paul volcanic* sounds cool! And just appreciate how he dont even know what he is saying like he is getting crazy telling every every and every detail

  17. Exøtic_buttèrs says:

    Paul: surviving 30 without dying
    Me on my second day: *killed by a skeleton*

  18. Bird Herd says:

    in accessibility settings, you can turn shift on toggle. hopefully that can save your pinky

  19. grey_zr says:

    Volcano name “volcanic” “hot stuff” , “voltiann”

  20. Dream says:

    can’t describe how entertaining this is

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