I Survived 50 Hours in 2nd Person

I Survived 50 Hours in 2nd Person

should i do 1st person next?

check out louis: @Weisz

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37 Responses

  1. Louis Weisz says:

    This was so fun bro!! Still reeling from the fact you don’t like pickles 💀

  2. Gohar Khan says:

    I got nauseous just imagining what this must’ve felt like. props to you you for putting up with this for 50 hours, like what 😭

  3. DevinGaming says:

    Ryan can walk into a fancy restaurant with VR goggles and a 3 and a half foot pole on him, and can still act (for the most part) normal. I’m impressed.

    • StormNinja says:

      @George Vaux That’s the least intellectual reply I’ve heard in a long time, considering it contradicts your own comment

    • Kikiboy247 says:

      Normal on his standards

    • Pooklez says:


    • Shrek the ogrelord says:

      Ryan’s confidence is something we can all learn from. Ryan is one of a few creators on this platform who can be viewed as a roll model in the area of self-opinions. Being yourself and trying creative ideas like this is an amazing trait.
      On a side note; I am convinced my comment is the only one that had a slight bit of thinking put into it, in contrast to the bots and people saying “1st”

  4. 🗿 Rock Edits 🗿 says:

    ryan’s gonna invent more perspectives so that he can continue this series

  5. Justt ZJ says:

    can we just talk about how much time and effort gets put into every video

  6. Sue D Lamb says:

    Ryan seems to be overcoming such major challenges with ease. Seems like he and MrBeast are on a whole another level of intensity.

  7. Zul Hilmi says:

    The ending is Sooo good. Just by running a bit and putting a note saying thanks for watching me Ryan put all of his viewers into a third person view. No wonder it felt weird at first when you wrote like that. It’s sad that not many people notice that.

  8. Jakerton says:

    Next series: surviving off a penny for 7 days in 3rd person?

  9. MrLouinator says:

    From track videos to surviving on a penny for thirty days to raise money for FeedtheKids, Ryan has made entertaining content for all of us to watch! Keep it up, Ryan.

  10. band girl says:

    I love how all Haley said was “Very…good.” And she said, “they have roasted mash potatoes” this was so funny!

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