I Survived 50 Hours In A Nuclear Bunker

I Survived 50 Hours In A Nuclear Bunker

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29 Responses

  1. Airrack says:

    #SaveFrank and Subscribe 🌱🥺

  2. Debo Gaming says:

    Airrack is one of the few creators I would consider to be near MrBeast level. Insane work ethic and videos boys, awesome job 🙌🏻❤️

  3. McJuggerNuggets says:

    mack pulling at the heart strings towards the end. you guys deserve the youtube crown. the shear dedication and passion is inspiring.

    • Ryan Bell says:

      I thoght he was long gone off youtube

    • jasper disser says:

      Well not

    • Walter Tubervile says:

      Dude, I literally just discovered your channel yesterday after seeing a clip of your thanksgiving video lmao. God bless, brother

    • Grizzly Addams says:

      It’s mic smack your nuggets lol but I love your videos airrack but I’m Srry I love McJuggerNuggets videos alittle bit more I wish I could meet Jesse and the phyco family I’m a super huge fan u cant say I’m number one cause I can’t afford his merch but I might take some outta my rent to by merch then pay it later next time outta my check cause I have to have the merch but I live your videos jesses I’ve been waiting your videos since day one since u first started

  4. Cayley Ish says:

    The amount of effort Mack puts into each video goes unnoticed sometimes but we see you Mack! And Eric and Fidias of course!

  5. Taste the rainbow🌈🌈 says:

    I was not prepared for that emotional hit like that… that was beautiful I’m glad I get to see such a wholesome group of friends 💙

  6. Danny Bravo says:

    dude, the way how Mack felt just hit so hard. Like I actually felt it, I even saw marks of him crying in the bunker.

  7. Burner Boy says:

    Man Airrack actually called off his part in the challenge just to be with his best friend. That’s friendship at its finest

  8. Anthony Avila says:

    This whole video is literally amazing the emotional connection you guys have in your friendship I wish to have someday 🥺

  9. Walter Tubervile says:

    this is what we want to see. The intimacy of the creator’s real life relationship is what we crave for

  10. Mike Shake says:

    This video had me both laughing and crying. Awesome work as always man!

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