I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica

I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica

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Thank you to ALE https://antarctic-logistics.com/

Stream the Original song “Antarctica or Bust” on December 26th!

Original score by Hans Zimmer, James Everingham & Adam Lukas

Score produced by: Russell Emanuel

Score executive producer: Steven Kofsky

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36 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    After years of trying we finally did it!

  2. EP Games World says:

    Mr beast never dissappoints. Mad respect to you. the one and only Mr beast.

  3. Kathy Pyrzynski says:

    Visiting Antartica is on my bucket list!! 🥶

  4. _СaMyPau_c_KaTaHou_ says:

    Ура новое видео, а значит, что эти 12 минут пройдут просто кайфово, ведь я буду вкушать топовый контент от топового контент-мейкер)

  5. Mr.BikashPatel says:

    Legend is back 🔥 Next level challenge 🤯

  6. Animeguygaming says:

    I need a Christmas miracle mrbeast I loved yea channel since the beginning I’ve gone through a lot of different channels over the years hope you see this keep up that great work ❤❤

  7. Hydra Playz says:

    Mad respect as always mrbeast. Never fails to entertain me

  8. Karelice says:

    Me acaban de despedir…
    7:03 ese mensaje me acaba de dar un gran motivación gracias MRBeast!

  9. Crush Zone says:

    This is insane 🔥

  10. thedemoninside666 says:

    Legend has it the camera guy is still there filming

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