I Survived A Suicide Attempt

I Survived A Suicide Attempt

“You are worth your life.”

National Suicide Prevention Helpline
1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)





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Alan Ross, Executive Director
Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center
Michelle Malloy, M.S., MFT


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20 Responses

  1. Savannah Curtis says:

    buzzfeed always seems to post these when I really really need them. Thank
    you Buzzfeed

  2. Ella Watson says:

    Last week I attempted I’m 12 years old no one knows

  3. bigredgrumbo says:

    I have depression, talking is the best thing you can do. Please talks to
    someone, anyone. Heck even message me if you want but take that step and
    talk. I guarantee you it can and will get better.

  4. SshhCaty says:

    i survived a suicide attempt and my parents still don’t know. i’m 16.

  5. Zara Hodson says:

    I’m going through this right now, I’ve been in and out of psychiatric units
    for 3 months (in the uk it’s not a case of just checking yourself in, you
    have to be at a seriously horrible point to get admitted. I have had
    problems recently with self harm and am being helped through it with
    professionals and hopefully I will get through, today is a good day xx

  6. Amber Jay says:

    No one will know how bad I needed this video today

  7. Mishaal Almubarak says:

    Oh Daisha, you inspire me. You look like that fun person that everyone
    wanted to hang out with, you are so powerful and you’re aura is just wow.

  8. Lexi Rose says:

    I have BPD and PTSD. I’ve lived my whole 20 year life, being medicated on
    Antidepressants and talking to Therapists. I’m almost always depressed, but
    some days I have it pretty bad… It’s a daily struggle, but knowing I’m
    not alone makes me feel like I can get through this 🙂

    If you’re feeling down or contemplating suicide; please know that I care
    about you and I know what you’re going through. That feeling of emptiness
    and worthlessness will pass, just give yourself enough time to think about
    your options. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I
    know you can get through this. 🙂

    Love, Lexi. <3

  9. BaRaa says:

    That guy looks like aubumeyang

  10. Bryan H. says:

    FAILED suicide attempt not survived suicide attempt

  11. Eliza E says:

    This makes me wanna cry

  12. xXSoWhatIfImEmoXx says:

    i’ve stopped my cutting and suicide attempts since the 3rd of February. I
    suffered from depression, and had suicidal thoughts all the time, but now i
    can honestly say that my life is worth living. to all of you out there who
    suffer from Depression: You are so much more worth then you think, and if
    you ever need to talk to someone, im here for you. Recovery is hard,
    relapse is going to happen, but i believe in you. you can do it!

  13. mmmkeklol says:

    How does one fail suicide???? It doesn’t make any sense.

  14. Makayla Scull says:

    If anyone ever needs to talk, text START to 741741 and someone who cares
    will be on the line to help you out. Suicide prevents your life from ever
    getting better, and there are people out there who care enough to help you
    through it.

  15. stargazer012 says:


  16. Bauser FTW says:

    Would’ve been happier if the attempts succeded…

    I mean,do you even know how many people suicide a day?

  17. BringBackHumanity ! says:

    thank u buzzfeed for making this

  18. Sky Baby says:

    Amazing amazing people

  19. Lily Evanora says:

    (you don’t HAVE to reply to this, especially if you think it’s for

    I’m 12, I’m bipolar, i have anxiety disorder and social anxiety, and i’ve
    been diagnosed with depression since i was 8.And i have attempted suicide
    twice. I now regret it, though harming myself sometimes comes to my mind. I
    am now on my way to recovery 🙂 To all the people out there, it really does
    get better. I used to feel like the world was coming down on me, and that i
    would be better off not being there, but it’s not true. Because i wouldn’t
    feel. I hope this made someone feel better, and in case no one told you:
    I love you :)

  20. Millie Brown says:

    I am a suicide attempt survivor