I Survived on 1 Emerald for 100 Days

I Survived on 1 Emerald for 100 Days

Ryan Trahan did it with a penny so I did it with an Emerald.

You can donate to Ryan Trahan’s fund raiser either on this video or go check out his. (they’re not hard to find, trust me)

Trahan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEqi3VVLYkg


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39 Responses

  1. Rasplin says:

    You always bring us the most creative ideas

  2. Sara Ellis says:

    The dream bit literally had me dying with laughter.good job on the video

  3. Robdatrobot says:

    whenever branzy uploads, you know its gonna be a good day

  4. SupercanYT says:

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate branzys editing

  5. Cakey says:

    I love how you made this into a way to raise money for those in need. Love your content and the work and time you put into it. I hope you can keep making content like this!

  6. IDidn'tAsk says:

    You are a really good person for donating this much money to charity

    Edit: WHi can’t I get this many likes on my videos

  7. MasonGamer05 says:

    Branzy never fails to make us happy

  8. Minjoon says:

    These 100 days videos are so nice. Also this little 100 days ryan trahan spinoff series is such a cool idea. Also nice job putting a little spin on the video to help people in need whilst still making it super entertaining. Nice video 👍
    Also keep up the good work man these videos of yours have been so good lately

    • BlueLak3 says:

      @ieatleftytears imagine thinking your right when hour not. Deff toddler. Everyone kn9ew your wrong. What a jerk

    • Pro Axolotl says:

      @ieatleftytears He skipped the nights. + I’m not defending him because I’m a fan or whatever, I just want to tell you that’s all

    • ieatleftytears says:

      @Pro Axolotl I’ve NEVER found that many skeletons in 1 place burning in the sun in after 1 night…that’s all I’m saying. At the most the world spawns 4 skellies at a time…that’s 4 bones at most. It would of taken him realistically several nights to wrangle that many skellies, and he would have shown that instead of skipping it all and trying to get everyone to believe he got 23 skeleton bones in 1 night without killing them

    • Pro Axolotl says:

      @ieatleftytears Hey bro, he waited till they get burned. Don’t judge to fast bruh -_-

    • Basketism says:

      Ryan Trahan didn’t do 100 days but 30 days but nice comment

  9. Saint Neraih says:

    Love this guy and his sociopath side The way He makes me laugh got my family worried I almost went to the hospital you know

  10. Dreamshadow2 says:

    Branzy, your unique and fun video ideas always make my day, so thank you so much for spending your time to make us happy! We appreciate you a lot too 🙂

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