I Survived On A College Food Budget For A Week

I Survived On A College Food Budget For A Week

Don’t be an overgrown college kid with too much money to spend.

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20 Responses

  1. Delfin Libaste says:

    Costco Rotisserie Chicken. Problem Solved!

  2. Shelbs says:

    now try to this…as a vegan. it’s pretty much the Mexican diet of rice and
    beans XD

  3. Sylvia The Unicorn Rose says:

    lol when my dad was in college, he ran out of milk so he ate beer with his
    cereal ??

  4. Rachel True says:

    Does a blow dryer have like bad waves or something ahahhw

  5. Veralsy says:

    Spending 40$ per week to feed 2 people: food 3 times/day, eating meat/fish
    every day, salads, always have fruits and candys. And not cheap ones.
    At once i had 1 week eating sushi everyday, i spent 140$ that week… And
    that was a fancy sushu restoraunt.

  6. James Vignale II says:

    Matt’s really cute. Wowza.

  7. VjOnItGood81 says:

    I haven’t eaten those noodles in more than a year! Best noodles ever!

  8. My Chemical Obsession says:

    Word of advice: steal food from your parents and grandparents.

  9. Sydpickle 11 says:

    I watching this in 2036 have a great day??

  10. Undertale Trash says:

    People don’t know how to shop. Cmon now. I’m a poor college student, and I
    cook way better meals than that. People don’t know how to get creative.

  11. sullysenpai ofwisdom says:

    Is this serious? That’s how my family and myself have eaten my entire life.

  12. CupOf SleepyTimeTea says:

    A decent meal is only $2.00 if you shop wisely.

  13. Laura Elizabeth says:

    He SAVED 180 bucks a week? What on earth does he spend his money on? I
    wouldn’t eat ramen and I would spend like 30 bucks a week on groceries
    total. This is with wheat breads, veggies, rice, fruit, etc. Sounds like he
    eats out every day.

  14. K Den says:

    why did I watch this

  15. amy clarke says:

    Good ?

  16. rebeccool27 says:

    Ok but there are cheap “healthier” foods like oatmeal, cereal, eggs, rice,
    pasta, etc..

  17. THE SONIC GUYS says:

    We own Him

  18. FadedDesigns says:

    he looks like one of them from TGFbro

  19. ThisISme757 says:

    Ok well not all college kids eat like that.

  20. Zainab Ali says:

    When that crap is literally all you eat , and you’re still broke af :’)