i think i might have lied

i think i might have lied

i might have lied
edited by Jake Mayer https://www.instagram.com/jakeshotfriend/

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  1. Caykid BG says:

    Honestly massive respect for not watching the Tate video. People think they’re doing good by clowning and debating him but all they’re really doing is giving him more publicity and exposing more vulnerable people to his rhetoric

    • Caykid BG says:

      @mylodelrey apologies, you’re right i should have added more nuance but frankly, its a youtube comment, not a thesis. What i should’ve said is this isn’t really the platform for it honestly. Hasan is a political commentator, that’s is what he does. Danny is a comedy youtuber. best case scenario: everyone has a giggle at tate’s expense. But even then it could increase hate watchers. Tate has taken ultimate advantage of the “all publicity is good publicity” thing. At this point imo the best thing to give him as little attention as possible except in terms of pushing for deplatforming.

    • mylodelrey says:

      dumb take and objectively wrong. in the case of adin ross, yeah sure. but the train has long left the station, the dude has gained 2 million followers in such a short time before being debated by hasan, for example. and hasan dunked on him pretty hard.

      dont generalise.

    • Ptheodore says:

      Either way people are going to talk about Tate, its better to goof on him/talk about how shitty he is, than let him go unchallenged like Adin Ross did in front of 250k live viewers.

  2. Kitty’s Creative Corner says:

    Danny gesturing at his floor all flustered really got me. I don’t care if we’re the only ones who call it the first floor, we’re still right 😤

  3. Kara Huffman says:

    Take care Danny! False negatives are a thing, and even if it’s “just the flu” the flu is incredibly dangerous. Rest a ton! Working whilst sick is honestly bad for us, we normalize it way too much. Best wishes, thanks for the video while sick, it’s definitely not necessary!! ❤️

    • R. E. Tudor 🌸 says:

      @RabbitGirl no but from memory it was a concern and I’m pretty sure my gp said I would have to go to hospital if my cough got any worse, as it might have been pneumonia. I have a really weak immune system though and was/am considered high risk from COVID because of it. Just always found it weird that the flu was worse for me but I think lack of being vaccinated then is the reason it was way worse for me. I’m a trained singer too and both have messed my voice up a lot as well

    • RabbitGirl says:

      @R. E. Tudor 🌸 were you tested for pneumonia? That’s not normal at all

    • R. E. Tudor 🌸 says:

      Yep flu was way worse for me than COVID. Granted I wasn’t vaxxed at all for the flu when I got it and was triple vaxxed for COVID when I got that but yeah I had lasting symptoms from the flu over a year later it was crazy

  4. Juno says:

    Ty Danny for the content, a the moment I’m sick in bed with really bad period cramps, but watching your stuff always cheers me up 🙂

  5. Daisukes Wife says:

    I’ve met Danny before and he absolutely beat the crap out of everyone and then pickpocketed us and left, and then continued to make us apologize to him (great guy we all loved it)

  6. Iuliana Todorescu says:

    Hey Danny, so , about the floor thing, when you are saying it in english I definitely agree with you ( it just makes more sense). However, in other European countries ( which is where I think the UK gets it from), the word “floor” doesn’t actually mean ,like, the ground, but more like the ground above you ( if that makes any sense ). That’s why the first floor is usually called something else, like the ground, and when counting the number of the floors, the first one does not count, since the word floor only reffers to the floors that are not on the ground.

    I hope this makes sense…

    But anyway, I feel like it’s a lot more confusing ,since in other languages there are separate words, that, in english, would all translate to ”floor”

    • Franklin Heitor says:

      The same goes for Brazil.

    • Iuliana Todorescu says:

      @iGetMoreAssThanAToiletSeat yep! That’s a much clearer explanation😅

    • iGetMoreAssThanAToiletSeat says:

      i agree as a portuguese person and even if it doesnt make sense in english, think og it as a number scale, u go -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 and not -2, -1, 1, 2 so when ur on an elevator in a building with underground floors u should see a correct scale cuz hats just how numbers work since the ground floor is aligning with the ground its naturally 0 (ground floor) and not 1 (first floor)

    • Linda says:

      That was helpful, thanks! I live in Australia and here the ground floor is also the first floor, so I was bit curious.

    • AlmalexyaBlue says:

      @Adriana Heiler “Parterre” does particularly look French yes. I’ve complitely missed that when I vsited Germany, that’s funny

  7. Madison Donnelly says:

    hey danny!! first off, just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your amazing content!! second, i think i speak on behalf of all of Greg when I say that we love you. if you are ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed by a video’s shceduele, just know that we want what’s best for you and your mental health. if that means delaying the video, then i just want you to feel like you can do that. i dont ever want you to feel like you cant, because no matter what us Greg will support you and love you. it sounds like you actually had fun with your all nighter, which is great!, but i just hope you know that if you are ever feeling like you have to do that and arent enjoying, then get some rest. you deserve it 🙂 you are truly the best creator on this platform and i just want you to take care of yor mental health!! love you danny :)))

  8. Jxmes says:

    I’m British and I call it the first floor and not the ground floor lmao

  9. Tina Belcher says:

    One time I met Danny and I told him that I love his videos and that he was really funny. I was jokingly changing his name up like hey, “D-Go”, “Danny Boy”, “Wham, bam, thank you, Dan”. Then he gets all pissed at me, telling me not to call him any of those because his name is Drew. Like, what even, right?

  10. Icheesea T. says:

    Him not even dignifying Andrew Tate with a response is the best lmao

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