I think I need more friends #shorts

I think I need more friends #shorts

This game is called Joking Hazard. Made by the original creators Cyanide and Happiness! All credit goes to them 🙂

Tommy Zhang – #shorts
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22 Responses

  1. Defnotme says:

    That’s a 11/10, he finally overpowered his father

  2. ZanderBlade says:

    10/10. His dream was getting accepted into college and now, he need the money for it

  3. White Pencil says:

    “Whenever you feel useless just remember that White Pencils like me exist.”

    -White Pencil

  4. Nur Baiti says:

    that’s a 21980/10, he finally overpowered his son

  5. V3NGFUL_$P!RI+ says:

    200/10 the lifelong dream was to find where his child support money went

  6. Emily Clarke says:

    That’s how I secretly rob my parents of their money every day.

  7. • Malimalz • says:

    His dream was hilarious 😂


  8. Adam O'Donovan says:

    9/10 he overpowered his father and it was funny af

  9. SarvYT says:

    12/10. He has fought for his father’s “gift”

  10. G0THICDIN0S says:

    10/10 he literally achieved shaking the hell out of his dad and robbing him

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