I thought we were cool 之#dowehaveaproblem #nickiminaj #comedyshorts #shorts #zayaanvids #zayaan4

I thought we were cool 之#dowehaveaproblem #nickiminaj #comedyshorts #shorts #zayaanvids #zayaan4

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19 Responses

  1. Tsinestexicth d'Auwraum says:

    When life hands her lemons, she wants to speak to life’s manager.

  2. Michele White says:

    Girl 不不 you just made me laugh, through the tears of my broken heart , because I feel this..仄儭不 thank you, I needed that laugh. That was cute.

  3. Bacon Teets says:

    This is amazing depression gone with laughs, thank you

  4. Zoey Clarks says:

    great video!!! Prayers get answered in times and sometimes that answer is no.

  5. Mr.Bubble says:

    The effort is on point!!! I love it!

  6. GAH says:

    The dogs reaction


    Even if there was a problem he could literally blink you out of existence lol

  8. sugas says:

    omg you have an excellent sense of humor

  9. TheTreegodfather says:

    If only they all would, what a wonderful world it would be

  10. Boemo Monnaatlala says:

    The walk is everything手

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