I Took A Terrifying Masterclass To Become Famous

I Took A Terrifying Masterclass To Become Famous

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32 Responses

  1. Drew Gooden says:

    this video is perfect for me because I wanna be a princess

  2. Skyler Witney says:

    Sheeraz has the most insane backstory. By pure dumb luck he got a TV show and access to Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, the literal definition of falling upwards

  3. Akmal Ibrahim says:

    Sheeraz’ first advice about spirituality and staying grounded is solid advice… until you realize it’s people like him who fucked up celebrities.

  4. couch Potato says:

    Class #3 was so good and informative that Danny didn’t share it with us because he wanted to use all of those secrets for himself

  5. TsukiKasai says:

    Danny’s content has been transitioning way more into more skit focused content, with less reactionary stuff and more opportunities for skits, and I’ve really been enjoying it! I think it is a really good balance of “oh my god wtf is this person doing” and “oh my god what is danny doing”.

  6. josuke says:

    Sheeraz is like that teacher who never actually teaches the class but just talks about their life instead for an hour

  7. Manishio says:

    Danny made him more famous than he would have ever been.

  8. TacticusPrime says:

    Man, the racism and misogyny built into guys like this is almost impressive.

    • Mehwish Abbasi says:

      @vroomlucas Yeah it was sexist tho, and you’re right. He didn’t say anything racist.

    • vroomlucas says:

      @Mehwish Abbasi The only thing I saw that read as misogyny was when he called Brittany crazy for her episode. I might’ve missed some things, though, but I didn’t think anything he said sounded racist? Granted, I’m white, so there’s a good chance I’m unaware of a lot of things yet

    • SoranotSorrow says:

      @Mehwish Abbasi what☠️

    • Mehwish Abbasi says:

      I don’t see it? Also, it looks like you’re targeting him cause of his skin color. He was a bit wierd cause he did not know what he was talking about, but I didn’t see any racism or misogyny. He’s from India and is brown so he faces said racism on a daily basis from people like you. Being brown, I can confirm that. Ugh

  9. Ayundaru says:

    Hey guys, I’ve spent my entire life stalking celebrities, and now I’m gonna teach you to be famous so I can stalk you 😀👍

  10. uggo stinko says:

    “those people are not real, THEY’RE NOT REAL” the homeless man down the street from me gave me the same advice

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