@Unbox Therapy made the very first skateboard with the new $700 Mac Pro Wheels and we thought we could do even better. We ordered the wheels asap, got a brand new deck, and made the magic that you see in this video. Are these the best skateboard wheels ever?!

Get everything you need to learn how to skateboard at https://brailleskateboarding.com

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60 Responses

  1. LegendMilk says:

    Next for Apple: the iboard starting at $1,500

  2. ,/ says:

    3:55 “if anyone finds that satisfying I think you’re re..” 🤣🤣

  3. Shirokuma Otaku says:

    This is literally what skateboards sometimes look like in cartoons
    Sometimes the animators do not include trucks on the board

  4. Brendan’s Channel says:

    spit fires wheels Aaron : nah

    Aaron : how about Mac Pro wheels

    Everyone else: YAH!!!

  5. GHA says:

    When the rich kid makes a complete:

  6. William Kenney says:

    I love it when massive trillion dollar corporations just make whatever with they’re brand and charge 700 DOLLARS FOR THEM. Its roller chair wheels that cost more than the chair and I’m done

    • Kyle Henry says:

      Andy Newman At a trillion dollars, you don’t need to make more money. You could live an average life off of 1 billion dollars and never have to worry about money again. So, pricing isn’t something they care about at all, yes.

    • DJGatortail says:

      I mean, if Braille makes $700 off of this videos ad revenue, then would the wheels not, in fact, be worth every bit of $700?

    • Shusty Rackleford says:


    • William Kenney says:

      @tritus1 bruh same difference

    • SocialHostage says:

      They released a sub €500 iPhone. But sell an accessory item that is not even electronic for like half more. It’s a form of bulling in my opinion

  7. Jason Wang says:

    I love how COMPLETELY different channels still interact with each other.

  8. Brady Engel says:

    Aaron: If anyone found that interesting I think you’re a r-… interesting individual.

  9. Matthew Bannister says:

    Aaron: we solved mall grab
    Also Aaron: why won’t it 50-50 grind?

  10. ayyoitsblake says:

    arron: “wait i have to take my phone out of my pocket”
    also arron: slides his phone across the ground

  11. Alex Klu says:

    As soon as I saw these Apple Wheels I thought “Aaron better put these on a skateboard” I’m glad Braille thought so too.

  12. Kasper Karlsen says:

    Imagine saying Apple makes the best computers

  13. Skateboarding101 says:

    Idea: these wheels would be perfect for a caster board. (Ripstick) 🤔🤔🤔👍

  14. Ray's Boom Boom Room says:

    people that make stuff “measure trice drill once”

    Aaron “drill go brrrrrrrrrr”

  15. Jetplane Vanman says:

    Mogley: *falls*
    Blue: *It’s free real estate*

  16. Gerardo Amador says:

    “World best phones!”
    Laughs in OnePlus.

  17. emma birch says:

    Everyone: wow them wheels are so cool

    Me: the dog is so cute ….

  18. Jörgen Tammpere says:


    Apple: we should make 700$ wheels

  19. Music for madmen says:

    Aaron: “I better take my iPhone out of my pocket”
    Also aaron: immediately throws phone on ground

  20. Pepe the Mememaster says:

    Aaron: “I have to take my phone out of my pocket”
    Also Aaron: *YEETS the phone on the ground*

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