I took Ninja’s Masterclass and it ruined my life

I took Ninja’s Masterclass and it ruined my life

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intro – 00:00
the class – 03:15
my journey – 18:51
24 hour stream – 24:56
i’m in the box – 36:27

streamers showed (and people I like to watch)

all music from epidemic sound, except for:
Stage Kids – “Welcome to the Jungle” https://youtu.be/y0PwEwI4sVk
Old School Runescape OST – “Adventure” https://youtu.be/Z2Oci7962pI
Voyage – “Enter” https://youtu.be/1o95Xo7oG64
Death Note OST – Death Note Theme Song (Instrumental) https://youtu.be/RoC8_SRLDEU
Mass Effect Trilogy – Galaxy Map Theme https://youtu.be/6RO7K4W-c9g
bauerklos – “oh okay” https://youtu.be/5Ge5r_082p4

here’s the only place online I could find that comedy bang bang clip of mike hanford:

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32 Responses

  1. YoinkyYoinker says:

    As if my day couldn’t get any worse, I have to sit through 40 minutes of THIS.

  2. SpawnRevenge92 says:

    This is honestly such a good thing that Drew did. Showing a large audience that there is no infallible formula for online success is a public service. It’s the opposite of what Jake Paul does.
    Enough of this bs “work hard, follow these steps and success will happen” rhetoric that gives people ridiculous expectations and makes them feel guilty when success doesn’t happen.
    You can do everything right and still go nowhere. Luck is a huge factor and I hate content creators who don’t acknowledge it.
    Even if Ninja or Logan Paul’s courses were good (which they’re not), pretending as if there’s a standardized way to become successful online is still incredibly harmful to the impressionable kids watching.

    • Wash Your Hands says:

      @Velvet Cake that’s not luck, it’s the other L word, Leaching. Maya has a great section in one of her Q&A videos where a small streamer asks how he can grow and she basically just says that if he’s not 1) the best at what he does, 2) the best at making content for what he does, or 3) has an in with a bigger streamer and can leach from them, that he should just quit.

      Lud got that channel to pop off with the in that he knew what Miz would click on and all of the red flags that he himself would click off of it for. There’s luck involved, but it’s just Leaching at the end of the day.

      As for the Mr. Beast formula, money.

    • Matt Goode says:

      i kinda expected him to do it with no camera or some terrible disguise or something. showing that he only got a total of like 30 unique viewers and 1 follower over 40 hours was a really powerful part of the video. i almost wanna say it’s a dig at Twitch and their lack of discovery systems, but streaming is also stupidly saturated anyway. it’s just nice seeing that even a giant goofball idiot like Drew can’t just magically attract people to a stream. those 18 minutes or so were more educational and useful than the entirety of Ninja’s course.

    • Wrecking Crew says:

      @Resmur Yes, if you work hard and provide a regular stream of good content and multiple social media presences you will get at least somewhat of a following. However, getting Pewdiepie big or Ninja big is more about being at the right place at the right time. It’s like comparing working a career in Boston to working a career in Hollywood.

  3. Call Me Kevin says:

    Now this is top content, all hail the ScoliosisKing

  4. Raphael Jp says:

    Should’ve had a fridge in the background Drew. That’s streaming 101.

  5. Harry Barber says:

    I like how positive you were about this, not sure if it’s totally deserved but it’s still lovely

  6. entropic flux says:

    one of the reasons i like drew is because when he spends $150 on something worthless he has the human decency to get visibly angry about it. anyone who can spend that much on something frivolous without feeling physical pain is unrelatable to me.

  7. DustyDo says:

    Anyone else wishing Drew had a drinks fridge now? It’s just not as fun without one.

  8. MySteamedBuns says:

    I think the issue here was that Drew failed to truly be Ninja. NOT ONCE did Amanda show up to bring him a sandwich. Reminds me of my great Twitch downfall.

  9. Chloé Jean says:

    Im thrilled that Drew got to have the true experience of a beginner streamer 😂 I thought for sure word would get out that he was streaming and he’d accidentally blow up. But no.

  10. Berd says:

    i’m gonna take drew’s masterclass

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