I Trained like LeBron James for a Week!

I Trained like LeBron James for a Week!

I’m training like LeBron James for an entire week to prepare myself for the NBA Celebrity Game!
(Be sure to tune in at 7pm ET on ESPN)

Check out exclusive content on the NBA app! https://app.link.nba.com/JesserAS23

I Tried Out for an NBA Team and This Happened…
► https://youtu.be/5HNy7b6bz4g

I Got Exclusive Access to the NBA Finals!
► https://youtu.be/Uctc1eypqsw

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30 Responses

  1. AETERNVS says:

    Cardio is the name of the game.. people can do skill exercises all day, but if you don’t have the stamina, doing it for real will be close to impossible. Good luck at the Game Jesser!

    • Onelegoturtle says:

      @RaddieB YT Don’t you think Jesser should go back to the g league 🤔

    • zVikzy says:

      @Isaac savage Youtube auto translate: “Jesser also Known as JesserTheLazer is a basketball player that is apart of the team named 2HYPE, and is even partnered with an Organization named 100Thieves.. Which also play lots of games, Jesser is flying to Utah in one week to go to a YouTuber Basketball game and he is going to get an MVP Award.”

    • HopsMAX says:

      Jesser doesn’t have good stamina

    • Isaac savage says:

      @RaddieB YT Youtube auto translate. “Jesser about to get MVP”

    • RaddieB YT says:

      @Onelegoturtle  youtube auto translate: “Jesser found the MVP”

  2. Jordan Fisher says:

    The fact that you’re in the celebrity game alone Jesse, already making millions of fans proud! Always have enjoyed your content! Excited to watch you play! Make it splash cash!!

  3. XBC30 says:

    Jesse is gonna be fit for the next 20 years of his life now 💀💀

  4. AbineetBlueStar says:

    The improvement is insane keep grinding Jesse!

  5. White_Landyn says:

    keep doing what you’re doing man

    • Jordan Bautista says:

      @Jack Wrath Ok? Who asked?

    • Bob Joe says:

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      Jesus Loves his Children ❤️

    • Jack Wrath says:

      I’m better than Jester, My content is better!

  6. Kristopher London says:

    Bro traveled to Utah a little early 🤣🤣 8:14

  7. T Sierra says:

    Congrats on making it to the celebrity game Jesse, keep it up bro!

  8. Jarth L says:

    More 🔥 content from Jesser!! Good luck in the game too!

  9. Wills SVN says:

    SO EXITED to watch the celebrity game just because of you Jesser. Congrats man. I know your gonna get MVP with all your hard work. Keep it up bro, ur the best youtuber.

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