I Tried A Custom Lipstick Printer

I Tried A Custom Lipstick Printer

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HELLO FRIENDS!! So, a couple of years ago I saw this custom lipstick printer in a video about the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and ever since, I have been desperate to get my hand so it! And now, after a few years, a few waiting lists, and a couple restocks, I have it. So today, we’re going to be testing out the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure custom lipstick printer, which lets you choose custom lipstick colors to print, will recommend your lipstick colors based on your outfit, and will also let you take photos of things in the world and then print matching color lipsticks to them. So we’re going to take this thing for a spin! Which color did you like the most? Do you want to see Urn Burgundy??

Also – Closed Captions will be up ASAP!

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21 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! yes, this thang is **not cheap**, but unfortunately Loreal has targeted me as a consumer 100%, so I had to snag it. what do you guys think of this thing?? any special large pots in your life that you’d like to create a matching lipstick for?? xoxo, saf – P.S. closed captions will be up ASAP!

  2. HopeScope says:

    As someone who uses one shade and one shade only of lipstick, I have no use for this but it was FASCINATING! (And the first I’ve heard of it, if that makes you feel better about getting it late haha)

  3. julia h says:

    this would be such a fun tool to have as a makeup artist, especially if they end up releasing more color packs in the future

  4. [dil] says:

    This is so cool, I would’ve wanted more darker colors but this would be so sweet as a gift to my makeup obsessed sister for her birthday coming up!

  5. Ivy Paris says:

    I definitely thought it would be a “find a shade, insert these cartridges” situation. Also a black and white cartridge would make this so much more versitile!

  6. Pickle for a Dime says:

    This was incredible to watch! I never thought about a lipstick printer before, and as someone who has over 70 shades of lipstick, this is a dream!

  7. Cam De Leon says:

    This machine is so interesting, definitely needs a wider color spectrum, and more successful color matches but overall great.

  8. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    I love that you went around and made “construction orange” 😂 so much more fun taking a field trip to find colors

  9. Wendy Toledo says:

    As someone who struggles in finding colors that compliment my skin tone and doesn’t want to risk spending on makeup that won’t be able to return, this device is such a game changer

  10. Bella Jenn says:

    The machine looks so cool, you’re telling me I can (practically) make every shade of lipstick from ONE MACHINE. Blown awaaayyy 👀 I NEED ONE !!! 🥰

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