I Tried ASMR For The First Time

I Tried ASMR For The First Time

And we’re back! Here is a video we filmed at the end of last year that I’m excited to finally release! Watch the first half now and save the second half for nap time, lol.

So I’ve seen a lot of non-ASMR youtubers release ASMR videos in the last few months, so I wanted to do a deep dive into what ASMR is and then try an ASMR segment of my own. Thankfully, I got Gibi of Gibi ASMR to help me figure out what it’s all about. What did you think of my ASMR segment? Did you like the haircut roleplay? Did any part give you tingles?

You can check out Gibi’s channel here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q

TYPO: Also, 8:49 isn’t Caroline ASMR it’s Ting Ting ASMR! So sorry!

This video is NOT sponsored!

“Brain Tingles” by Craig Richard, PhD


PS – I know I am not wearing my ring in this video – most of it was filmed pre-proposal and for the rest of it I just forgot, lol! Nothing meant by it!

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46 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS! we are back! here is a video we filmed at the end of last year that I’m excited to finally release – let me know what you think of the ASMR portion, and if you’d like to see the extended cut lol! and now, back to regularly scheduled programming :). xoxo, saf

  2. thelazyparent says:

    I am not into ASMR but Safiya not only manages to still make me watch but she also provides 15 minutes of well presented information. Thanks to her my ears are now deflored in terms of ASMR, even though I did not reach the ear-gasm but the plastic pants, the uggs and the hair brushing/cutting came close. I feel like Safiya could pick any random topic and present it in a way that gets me excited!

  3. Liz Ruth Wilson says:

    OMG! as soon as she started cutting the hair this came back to me!!! Does anyone else remember that audio clip going around in like 2007/8 that was I *think* something like getting your hair cut?? I remember it everyone bluetoothing it to each other at school please tell me someone else remembers this

  4. Charlize B says:

    Omg Gibi and Saf in one video is amazing !!

  5. no body says:

    I’ve always hated ASMR but I watch Bob Ross everynight to fall asleep ???

  6. Yummy Asparagus says:

    I thought one of her microphones weren’t working but them I realised my head phones don’t work on that side

  7. Faith Cote says:

    I need someone to support my hairy arms like Tyler supports Safs

  8. TheFalloutBunny says:

    That was a great informative video! I’m not too much into asmr because the whispering is extremely exhausting and frustrating for me but the only “genre” I LOVE is soap cutting… The sounds and the look of it are so relaxing.

  9. May Day says:

    Is nobody going to address that she’s been gone for a month? Like um where you been I’ve gone into a depressed state of hibernation without your videos saf!

  10. goblindaughter says:

    32:42 ohgod….. Tyler be careful…. the spirit of shaggy seems to be possessing you. If you achieve more than 3% of his power you can’t go back..

  11. Jojo's ASMR says:

    its ya boi

  12. Matix says:

    29:17 Excuse me, did you just call my hair a trashwig ( ⊙‿⊙)

  13. Reacheal Sears says:

    I was afraid it was strange til I found Gibi…her pirate role playing, was so entertaining…it’s like she’s a sister and she’s very comforting…BUT ty so much for explain what’s all about ?

  14. Mariah Louden says:

    ASMR makes my body cringe in disgust idk why but makes me wanna throw up. I’ve always wondered what it’s like for a normal person who likes ASMR.

    • Erin DeVries says:

      Mariah Louden I kinda relate. It makes me feel a bit relaxed but I’ve never gotten “tingles” and I’ve never gotten what people like so much about it

  15. Lulu Potter says:

    Tyler: makes a funny comment
    Safiya: laughs in ASMR

  16. Tava Malia says:

    Please release the extended cut!!! I hope Saf makes more ASMR ?

  17. ravenclaw weirdo says:

    My favorite asmr artist is asmr daddy (mikaela long) ?

  18. LeAndra Purvis says:

    I thought I hated ASMR….apparently I just need a loop of Saf’s deamon pants and no talking. I almost fell asleep.

  19. Rayne Maybe says:

    My favorite ASMR’tist is Gentle Whispering. Her name is Maria and she is the sweetest, most kindhearted woman in the world. Her normal speaking voice still gives me ASMR because it’s so soothing. She’s about to have her first baby too! If you have never tried ASMR, go to a dark room, get comfy, put in headphones, and watch Maria! It’s not for everyone, but it also might completely change your life like it did for me. I can use it to put myself in a meditative state (biofeedback therapy) to help my chronic pain.

    • singergrrl77 says:

      Rayne Maybe same. Maria is the og and the best ever. So kind sweet lovely and caring. She’s gotten me through a lot of anxiety. I stumbled on her through a nail painting tutorial so many years ago maybe 2011. Never talked about it to anyone. I’ve had ASMR all my life but didn’t know a name for it.

  20. Lily Whispers ASMR says:

    Feeling so blessed to see this grace my subscription feed!!

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