I Tried Custom Fit Period Pads

I Tried Custom Fit Period Pads

I tried out the Always pad custom sizing chart to see if it would affect my comfort and performance while on my period! Figure out your pad size here! #ad https://always.com/en-us/find-your-fit-sizing-quiz

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20 Responses

  1. Sawyer says:

    Do you think you could do a video about the water challenge? (Gallon of water a day) I think that would be really good video and I would be very interested.

  2. maddie says:

    It’s okay I wear pads working out ?

  3. catnolia 333 says:

    It’s really funny because I’m on my period rn

  4. ScorpionSmash says:

    You’re not alone! I hate wearing tampons when I’m working out! It makes me uncomfortable ? ?️‍♀️

  5. Pierce The Xiao says:

    i didnt know pads are on sizes

  6. Abby Weaver says:

    I don’t think its possible to be wearing the wrong size pad, something like pads is so personal and preferential

  7. Thami says:

    how do you workout during your period ? the way i don’t want to do anything at all during my period

  8. Jas says:

    Yall need to see Liza koshy’s ad for the always pads. It’s hilarious ?

  9. Clarissa Pierce says:

    I wear a pad even when I wear a tampon I don’t trust well lol

  10. TheTanTikiBox says:

    Does anyone else not bleed very much or at all during the night, or is it just me?

  11. Rizkia Ariani says:

    I actually never use tampon in my whole life. So I wear pads working out. #teampads

  12. The Full Metal Mike says:

    I’m a dude so I don’t understand any of this. However, Michelle is one of my favorites so take my thumbs up for your period. 🙂

  13. Meki says:

    Tbh I agree with you. I absolutely HATE tampons so pads are the only thing I would use. I see everyone wearing tampons and I’m here like what the heck. Thanka for this video!!

  14. Leana Marie says:

    I get so nervous wearing pads I always feel like they’re going to move and leak

  15. Siriusly Moony says:

    Wait, so do people just like.. _not_ wear pads when working out? I thought everyone just used them?? Am I missing something big here???

  16. Katiec6597 says:

    I only use pads (aka never tried a tampon cause that’s scary) and when I do decide to work out on my period. I wear a pad. ITS NOT WERID

  17. smiley face says:

    it’s 2017 why haven’t they invented a vacuum that sucks the entire blood and discharge in like 10 minutes and you won’t have to spend 7 days leaking. like seriously did no one think of this? think of how much money we’ll save and struggle we’ll avoid! … if I ever become rich I would seriously invest in making this.

  18. Violin Girl says:

    who else is on their period right now? raise hand ✋

  19. Bullshit Detector says:

    Just get a menstrual cup and call it a day. Way better than tampons and pads.

  20. Valentine says:

    Why are pads and tampons in the feminine “needs” section, but it has a tax on it bc its luxury

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