I Tried Drinking 5 Venti Cold Brews

I Tried Drinking 5 Venti Cold Brews

I love you all so much!!!!!
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31 Responses

  1. Lenny says:

    The grandma is a whole savage .

  2. Marisa Cohen says:

    Morgan: *struggles to drink 5 venti’s*
    *The girls at my highschool* late for every class bc they’re getting their 8th Starbucks of the day

  3. Sasha Melendez says:

    Morgan: I’m feeling the jizz
    Trinity: ChOkEs
    Morgan: Do you need some water?
    Trinity: Do you think its FuNnY tHaT I AlMoSt DiEd!?
    I love their friendship 😂

  4. Amy Silknitter says:

    I’m concerned that Morgan seems to have never used a pitcher before.

  5. Anelissa M says:

    No one: Adams family: plays fruit ninja irl

  6. Andrea Nastri says:

    GRANDMA IS A FEMINIST ICON “I don’t need that”

  7. Hannah Rose Dugan says:

    Morgan’s mom did not pass the vibe check in this video 😂😂

  8. Evangeline Jacobson says:

    “Have you ever been personally victimized by an Aurora mom?!” Truth TEA IS SCALDING

  9. Vanessa says:

    This is like silly fun you’d have as a kid and it was weirdly nostalgic for me lmao

  10. Xavier Henderson says:

    Trinity: tHeRe’S LiKe wHiTe sTuFf iN mInE
    Morgan: That’s ice 🙄
    Trinity: you see that 👀
    Morgan: that’s- uhhh sugar 🤭

  11. Beckie Mckenna says:

    We all know Trinity would literally be dying and Morgan would be pissing herself laughing

  12. WutThe Unicorn says:

    YESSS Ryland and Morgan posting in the same day, and Shane saying he’s going to post later this week? YES YES YES

  13. juan solo says:

    “MORGAN DONT TALK ABOUT THAT” “what I’m breaking the stigma” I C O N I C

  14. Destiny Leroy says:

    “Walk away just walk away Vicki” That’s a mood

  15. Anna Kosiek says:

    Trinity: “there’s white stuff in mines”

    Morgan: “… that’s ice.. oh SuGaR” 😂

  16. Monica B says:

    When Morgan said “I wish I could be skinny without trying” I felt that

  17. Katycat 365 says:

    “That’s what Katy Perry does in her music videos” SKDSLSSKS

  18. C S says:

    everybody talking about morgan saying she’s feeling the jizz, but nobody is talking about that “no real ball rule”

  19. Iffer Tang says:

    “We’re Leo’s” 😂 so this is why I like to sleep more than the average human?

  20. Colby and Brennen says:

    I honestly felt her grandma when she was laughing with them but wasn’t at their level of laughing

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