I Tried Dumb TikTok Advice to Rank Up…

I Tried Dumb TikTok Advice to Rank Up…

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Using your dumb timtok ideas to rank up in ranked battle royale!

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20 Responses

  1. @landonyoutube9954 says:

    12:11 perfectly describes my relationship with ranked

  2. @ignafersam says:

    He’s trying gold in 1 day while other people hit unreal in 12 hours 💀

  3. @TheRepugnator says:

    The 4th strategy is just skill issue lol

  4. @zero-zb6bo says:

    when you do the car strat leave when you get 2nd because you get more points if you don’t take damage

  5. @HOURLYSNIPES says:

    8:33 “They call me the sniper.” That’s my line.

  6. @gamingGod12164 says:

    I’m already unreal from going reckless getting the mythic bc no one gets it in my games then go to a forecast tower get the keycard and use it. Then camp the train. It’s my unreal strat

  7. @nervehammer1 says:

    I played one game and went from unranked to gold 2

  8. @benhoelzer says:

    Who misses Milo after three weeks

  9. @RedPanda909 says:

    10:47 anyone else triggered that he didnt pick up snipers in the frame then proceeds to add speed mag with vertical foregrip 😭😭

  10. @waldonorval4467 says:

    Keep up the good work

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