I Tried Making GTA 6

I Tried Making GTA 6


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29 Responses

  1. LazarBeam says:

    It took like 3 months to get these games delivered and this is what we got lolol

  2. Oisin Gosling says:

    Honestly love that lazarbeam is starting to make more content that he likes to make

  3. Max J says:

    My favorite was the $500 one: “Theft”. So much work put into it, a true masterpiece

  4. LofiListen says:

    He went from Denting his door, to paying Devs to make games for him. Love the content Lazar.

  5. VEE3RDEYE says:

    Some of those were insanely realistic Rockstar should hire them 😮

  6. K.B says:

    LazarBeam is a blessing for actually doing something as amazing as this!

  7. Shaun Straw says:

    You gotta accept why it takes so long to make a AAA game now. Love your vids man

  8. Ethyn Ricey says:

    I think that if they had a longer timeframe a few of the games would have been fantastic.

  9. Ken Quimby says:

    Lazarbeam gets me excited when i see a new video post and it is always is comedy.
    Keep up the good work Lazar!!!

  10. Davyn Mccray says:

    When the world needed him most….he returned

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