i tried making minecraft lava cake

i tried making minecraft lava cake

i am so sorry for this //

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38 Responses

  1. MissMargaret says:

    Cakes seem like the most difficult food to make in a vegan, gluten free house.

  2. LullabyButterfly says:

    “We just need to let this cool.”
    *continues to Aries with it* ??

  3. AshleyG says:

    Watched Jenna’s video first…
    “OH SHIT, he really did cover the countertops in Crisco!”

  4. karen vanessa says:

    Plays minecraft once….turns into a 5 year old aries pastry chef.

  5. Jujuby13 says:

    Not gonna lie. This is my favorite cooking episode so far lol

  6. Katie Graham says:


    JULIEN- 1) Food coloring will ABSOLUTELY stain granite and marble. 2) Let the cake cool! 3) Your fondant needs more powdered sugar.

    P.S. I’m a Virgo.

  7. heliagrey says:

    Aaaaaah! He did the animated Julien-creature slap-ap-ap-ap! o_O My life is complete.

  8. Lady Marmalade says:

    *Aries Baking:*
    Don’t be precise
    Layer cake is lava cake
    Decorate with ice cubes
    What is fondant?

  9. Brooke Barry says:

    i thought the banana peel pulled pork sandwich was the worst, but i was VERY wrong

  10. thenormalstate says:

    Lava cake but instead of the corn bone it’s minecraft

  11. M96alex says:

    is that julien chewing and breathing hard or is that kermit on the mic,, the world will never know

  12. maria says:

    If there’s such thing as Aries breathing, Julien is an Aries breather ?

  13. Kristina Cummings says:

    My question, as a fellow celiac, is are you using gf/vegan recipes or are you adapting from regular recipes? Because from experience I can tell you that doesn’t work, the chemistry is really different. My baking after diagnosis took a long time to re-learn my skills- but finding actual recipes to follow really makes a difference.
    I love your perseverance and dedication tho!

  14. ai asjdkdk says:

    Why didn’t you use the same cake recipe as when Jenna made you a birthday cake?

  15. Bonita Mariposita says:

    “Who serves cake with ice on the side?”
    “Not enough chefs”

  16. Katie Willey says:

    Jenna: “what kind of cake is that??”
    Julie: “well gluten free to start”

    as a fellow celiac fam I felt that so hard

  17. Venus Leoz says:

    Julien: ” I need help”
    Jenna: “I cant help you with that.”
    Julien:”No I mean general in life as a whole, I need help.”

  18. iForeverImmature says:

    when jenna makes an abomination, julien is: “bae, it’s so nice and beautiful. im so proud of you”

    when julien makes an abomination, jenna is: “what is that? JULIEEEEN. why? no. stop. omg i hate it. JULIEEEEN”

  19. Molly Isom says:

    I’m requesting for Chicken and Waffles in the next Aries Kitchen

  20. Ajay Jackson says:

    “ I’m cosplaying as a creeper” why does his mustache look like a creeper mouth now

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