I Tried Mushrooms For My Anxiety For A Month • Ladylike

I Tried Mushrooms For My Anxiety For A Month • Ladylike

Devin, with the aid of a holistic health coach, tries mushrooms for 30 days to help with her anxiety.

Check out Amrit-Sadhana Khalsa!

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Reishi mushroom.
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Amrit-Sadhana Khalsa
IG: @bodyblisslife

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76 Responses

  1. Momma Friendly says:

    Oof just reading the word “mushrooms” GAVE me anxiety. Never again! LMAO

    • The 9th Spade says:

      +Joey Nathan Erowid.com is full of information about topics like psilocybin use. I suggest reading their site for any questions about drugs that you may have.

    • phenixrysing says:

      Heroic dosages also help – after you integrate but get a sitter and check with your doctor to make sure you KNOW your diagnosis because it can make some mental health disorders worse. Do lots of homework before trying at your own risk.

    • Ricardo Santos says:


    • Hannah Mae says:

      SAAAME i read the title and i was like giiiirl not the way to help anxiety

    • Jules Marshall says:


  2. AnJoia Lockett says:

    As soon as I seen Mushrooms I had to click.

  3. Honel fam says:

    I was watching your last vid and subbed and gone to full screen and got notification ???

  4. Naynay Potatoes says:

    Can you make a mental health playlist?Love your videos!

  5. Emily Kurtz says:

    I totally thought she was about to do shrooms and I was like damn ladylike is really out here!! haha

  6. Annabelle T says:

    I was like mushrooms 😉
    Then i was like mushrooms >:p

  7. AnJoia Lockett says:

    I only clicked because I thought it was drugs, good job Buzzfeed… Darn good job.

    • Siri Olsen says:

      If you are suffering from anxiety please check out Andy Cutler’s work. There has been so so many people who have been helped by it. I would really recommend reading the article by Rebecca Rust Lee on the Weston Price site, but also the success stories you find by googling his name as you can see the progress people have made. Wish you all the best!

    • Anna Hovakimian says:

      haha, click bait

  8. Autumn Bolger says:

    I really admire your confidence to be able to share your personal life on the internet

  9. mad hatter loves panic at the disco says:

    Who else thought Devin was about to get lit on some shrooms?

  10. Anna says:

    Could absolutely guess that she was from portland✨

  11. Aurora V. says:

    Why do get anxiety in small rooms?

    There isnt mushroom

  12. Shanae Moorman says:

    I would love to watch a video of somebody doing a challenge like this but not being told what it is suppose to do and then just see what they say has changed for them

  13. JM says:

    Devin- Try the coffee latte mix it’s the light brown package/ newest one and if you have time go to the shroom room on Venice beach. You can try all the drinks you want and then feel how they react to your body and have a great dialogue with the great guys at the shop. As a bonus there is an adorable shop called Piece Collective right next door ask for Taylor she is a babe from head to toe. Thanks for sharing your experience. Wish we could’ve linked up while I was backpacking Los Angeles! RARW.

    PS. Hope you’re having a superior day filled with superior moments! Love from Austin, Texas!

  14. Christine Wilson says:

    Really interesting video. I would have been interested in hearing from a medical dr on the subject as well. Either way, thank you for sharing part of your mental health journey.

  15. Dhriti says:

    Woah India’s soft power really is growing

  16. Ruth Jones says:

    Can I just put out a PSA that “natural” does not always mean it’s fine to take. Herbal medicines just have to prove that they are not harmful to you. But they can interact with a lot of “conventional” medicines that you might take.

    If you take ANY medication please do your research and talk to a pharmacist before trying ANYTHING herbal.

    A really common example is st John’s wort, it’s a herbal med that lots of people take for depression, it dials up your enzymes which break down medications thus making medicines work less (a fun example is that it makes the contraceptive pill less effective)

    Other herbal meds can be harmful on their own – gingko increases your bleeding risk for example.


    • John Rapp says:

      Both times my father in law took ginkgo he literally had a stroke within hours.

    • UndeadEyes says:

      Very true!
      I take a natural supplement for an immune system disorder that makes me incredibly sick if I forget to take it for too long (school life sometimes makes me forgetful).
      Being in school to be an LMT/P, everyone there thinks they know which natural supplement I should take for pain, bruising, depression, my PTSD, etc, etc,etc. I have to explain that my current medication is sensitive and even vitamins and such can stop it from working. I don’t eat breakfast because it can’t work if I eat with it.
      If I can’t find a very clear answer to if it will or won’t stop my medication from working, I won’t take it. It’s not worth the risk of getting violently sick because my immune system begins attacking me from the inside out.

    • viscountalpha says:

      100% agree. Thank you for bring a sane voice these days.

  17. C Betts says:

    Devin: “My palms were sweaty”
    No one:
    Literally No one:
    Me: Knees weak, arms are heavy

  18. Yulia Cherednikov says:

    Ya’ll get your ghee at an Indian store or Costco! Sooo much cheaper ⭐️

    • Zoey Zoey-Zoey says:

      Or make your own. It’s super easy. Literally just heat up butter slowly till it’s a simmer and simmer till these not much foam on top and the milk solids in the bottom of the pan are lightly browned. then let it sit for a min. Then pour off the top layer. Strain with a fine mesh strainer it even a paper coffee filter. There are better explanations online but it does save a ton of $. Just have a mason jar and good butter. Costco has Kelly Gold a very good price. Just make sure it’s unsalted. I was using organic butter for my everyday butter but once I had Kelly Gold I can’t go back. If I run out of Kelly Gold and can’t get to Costco, I’d rather just use the vegan butter I keep in the fridge till I get more. It’s the best butter you can buy without getting some straight from the farm $10 + a pound butter.

  19. katheryn lesner says:

    Can we see your skin routine cause damn girl it’s like glass

  20. Ladylike says:

    Hey everyone! Just sliding into the comments to reiterate that when it comes to mental health, you have to do what helps you! If you need medication, you should absolutely begin that journey of finding the right prescription that works for you. If you’re not ready for medication or feel some kind of way about medication, there are holistic remedies that may be worth checking out. These Reishi extract powders from Four Sigmatic worked for me, but do consult with a naturopath or do your research before trying anything. More than anything, I reccommend therapy to anyone who is struggling. Every person’s road to recovery is different, and there is no judgement here only love <3

    • Sierra Magnotta says:

      Great video! I just want to add on to all of this and say that whatever you’re going through, there will likely be many different aspects of your treatment plan. Medication, holistic remedies, exercise, mindfulness are all GREAT, but it’s important to remember there are no miracle cures for whatever you’re struggling with. The best thing you can do is do some research, get some professional advice, and find a set of treatments that work well together for you.

    • Sara Effy says:

      One piece of advice that may work for some is to adapt to a different philosophy in your life such as Buddhism. It’s helped my anxiety a lot to being who I am.

    • Anna Hovakimian says:

      🙂 thanks for reiterating

    • Christina Nieto says:

      If you don’t mind sharing, what was the most expensive ingredient? By my math what you had on the counter should have been in the $20 – $30 range?

    • jnestler says:

      This video is really disappointing, because at the very least, the first part of this comment should have been stated right up front and not after the fact. Without that, this has the potential to do real damage to people suffering from mental health issues. You wouldn’t make a video trying to treat cancer with the same approaches you used here. Even if you tried an alternative medicine, you would have consulted with a doctor.

      It’s really not great that the “expert” offering advice doesn’t have any stated qualifications – the most I can find is that she’s a voice coach. If she has legitimate qualifications, please add them to avoid confusion. The stuff she’s saying is very pseudoscience-y; it sounds good but doesn’t have a lot of evidence backing it. Case in point: there is no scientific evidence for “adrenal fatigue”. You should have fact-checked what she was saying.

      When it comes to our health, mental or otherwise, it’s important to seek actual expertise from qualified experts.

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