I Tried Out for an NBA Team and This Happened…

I Tried Out for an NBA Team and This Happened…

I tried out for the NBA G League… and this is how it went!

Download the brand NEW NBA app and check it out the behind the scenes as I follow my dreams to make it to the league (https://app.link.nba.com/Jesser-22)

I Got Exclusive Access to the NBA Finals!
► https://youtu.be/Uctc1eypqsw

I Took 100 Shots vs NBA Player and Made ___
► https://youtu.be/lOp63SVRrjM

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37 Responses

  1. Jesser says:

    Thanks for all the love on the video! I’m going to have a lot more NBA content this upcoming season so make sure to 🚨Subscribe 🚨

  2. Kristopher London says:

    You didn’t disappoint bro! Good stuff out there 💪🏽🔥

  3. Sonia’s Way says:

    We can see why Jesse is so successful! He has so much positivity surrounding him. Props to his friends and his hard work

  4. Landen Amandeep says:

    When Jesser tries anything, it turns into comedy 😂

  5. Professor Live says:

    Love this vid bro! Well done 🔥💯

  6. David Wallace says:

    It isn’t always about winning. It is mostly about trying your hardest, and putting all the effort you can, and that’s what you did. Even though you didn’t make it, think about it- you were the best on 2HYPE, got MVP, etc. This is a hard team to get on. And the fact of how much work you put in this, you deserve a lot. Keep it up Jesser! We love you man!

  7. Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog says:

    Keep grinding Jesser! I think you have a shot at making one of these teams if you put in the work that would be awesome to see since I have been watching you forever. Get better soon and great vid!

  8. Jackson Millar says:

    Jesse living the best life. Youtuber and trying out to be a basketball player. Crazy!!!

  9. KnOne Johnson says:

    Idk why this got me so emotional, keep going for your dreams jesser, my mom and I love watching your channel and 2hype!! Hope to meet you one day!!

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