I tried Pokemon’s Hardest Randomizer

I tried Pokemon’s Hardest Randomizer

All 1000 Loading Zones of Pokemon SoulSilver were randomized and I have to remember everything myself. (It’s a Map Randomizer)

Thanks to Adrienn for Emailing me this outta the blue: https://github.com/adrienntindall/hgss-map-randomizer/releases

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43 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Even from just watching, I felt like my last two brain cells were being pushed to their absolute limits, the amount of patience, memorization and brainpower needed to complete this is unimaginable. Now let’s see you do a speedrun of this.

  2. Dazcar says:

    the amount of layers to this. largest game, largest brain space required to memorise the game, and largest group of pathological liars to gaslight you into missing stuff in the game

  3. JohnTheLad says:

    Ngl ant is one of the most chill speedrunners that I’ve seen and he reads chat a lot too unlike most streamers his size

  4. iamjohnporter67 says:

    This is so crazy. They taken the Randomizer to the next level.

    • outspaced says:

      @Somethingsuperbland next video: literally every pokemon game is in the randomiser and you have to beat every game in order

      if you ever beat that abomination you can do the same again but with spinoffs included

      and after that, literally every videogame in existence

    • Somethingsuperbland says:

      We have to go farther

    • Deadthrone18 says:

      God level

  5. A Loco Cucco, yo says:

    This is basically like trying to navigate a literal ant hill.

  6. SemiHypercube says:

    It’s still funny how chat is basically an additional challenge for him because of how often they say wrong information

  7. CloudSquire III says:

    SmallAnt: A guy randomized a ROM for me
    Me: well nothing new Ant is a pro
    SmallAnt: and I can’t take any notes
    Me: OH SHIT

  8. Chi 124 says:

    Smallant. Breaks down a door “WHERE IS THE JUICE”

  9. Jonah Hallan says:

    This doesn’t just randomize the game it randomizes your thoughts

  10. Parker Dixon-Word says:

    I feel like the “no notes” rules is just pain and suffering. Like, it’s hard even with notes.

    • bobzour says:

      A day or two after this Ant did a race against someone and it still took him like 7 hours taking notes. One of the gyms/E4 people (forget which) was stupidly difficult to find and took like 3 hours by itself

    • Robert Bartley says:

      I mean you could just pay a note taker

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