I Tried The Diva Cup

I Tried The Diva Cup

The period videos are back! I tried “The Diva Cup”, a reusable menstrual cup, for my period this month, and it was an ~exciting time~. Would you try a menstrual cup?

I got my menstrual cup from Target, but you can find them in many places!

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20 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    hello loves! how was your weekend? would you use the diva cup, or another menstrual cup? also, where is my NOTIF SQUAD at?! ???

  2. Habsa says:

    I hear if you’re really early, Safiya might reply?? Notification squad

  3. M Ten Hove says:

    Reading the comments has made me seriously worried. So many young women who don’t know their anatomy. They should be teaching this in school. And their parents are lacking. But I am also very proud of the women who were kind and took time to explain that women have a vaginal canal and a urethra. And to all the girls, never be embarrassed or ashamed of your menses. Be proud and get informed.

  4. Autumn Knox says:

    Well I just found out I don’t have to worry about my period for 9 months ?

  5. Evelyn F says:

    Yeah no, I’m a pad type of gal. The idea of sticking something up there makes me cringe.

  6. Mars Argo says:

    I have a literal fear of tampons, or anything that goes inside you for that matter. it just seems so grim, like shoving a dry piece of cotton inside your dry vagina? no thanks

  7. Anxiety Queen says:

    Tbh I’m 16 and I am scared of using tampons because I literally have no idea how to use one! I’m scared that if I used one I wouldn’t have put it in right… am I the only one?

  8. tamannaD2909 says:

    I’ll be frank, I’ve never inserted anything in my vagina, the thought of a diva cup, even tampons scares the shit out of me xD Doesn’t it hurt? *cringes*

  9. kitty03 says:

    … Thats like shoving plastic up your vagina… how was that not uncomfortable?!?!?!?

  10. Jessica Groves says:

    The last few days are THE BEST for a cup! Because there is no risk of TSS, you can actually leave it in for 24 hours (or longer if you’re comfortable). My period is 7 days also, but it makes it seem more like 5 with a cup as i only change it once in the shower over those last 2 days and don’t even think about it at all.

  11. Sloane W says:

    I used pads because I HATE pads. You can feel the blood and it smells bad. Yes, you COULD get TSS but it’s very rare and you change every 6-8 hours. And in pads (sorry if tmi) you can feel the blood.

  12. DreamerForever says:

    I’m so glad you liked the diva cup! I’m obsessed w mine I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I will never ever go back to tampons! I love how it’s so Eco friendly, so reliable and leak proof, comfortable and it’s a steep price at first but in the long run it really does save a lot of money!

  13. Faithtasticness says:

    lol I’m actually scared of sticking anything up there.. I don’t even use tampons lmao how am I ever gonna have sex and reproduce

  14. cstar104 says:

    I’ve tried all types from pads to diva cups. You should try the “soft cup” it looks kind of like a diaphragm. It lasts all day and it’s disposable. The best part is you are free to do anything while using it. I really do mean anything. I have a very heavy flow for at least 5 days and I really don’t worry about it with my soft cup. I recommend that everyone should try it. Safiya you should totally try it next month.

  15. Kiana Pfingsten says:

    I have a more chunky (?) period, meaning there are about 5 good sized clots that happen throughout my 3 day cycle as opposed to free flowing blood. Tampons don’t typically work well for me. Usually taking a shower twice a day for a thorough clean usually worked best for me when I use pads. I decided to try the diva cup about 3 cycles ago, and it’s a lot cleaner. The only thing that I wasn’t anticipating when I first tried it was the squelching noise. 😛 I use pads and the cup intermittently depending on how active I’ll be that day and my level of laziness.

  16. Fluxide says:

    Why am I watching this, Im a guy…

  17. Mia Arkins says:

    How do you wash it in public toilets though….

  18. Ferny Carrasco says:

    I’m reading so many comments about people loving this thing and I really want to try it, but I’ve never even used tampons, I’ve read that it’s uncomfortable when you’re not bleeding as much, and I don’t know how am I supposeed to know how much I bleed? XD idk But I really wanna try this

  19. Nola Chick says:

    They should put a ring in the end so that you can loop your finger around it and yank that baby out in one motion.

  20. clotilde besson says:

    As someone who never had sex, I was wondering if that was advisable for a virgin person?

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