I Tried The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World

I Tried The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World

“If you put this in a Starbucks cup and you gave it to me, I would have thought it was Starbucks.”

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96 Responses

  1. TheOfficeNerd says:

    I wasn’t very impressed until I saw a platform phone charger


    Make one in America please ?

  3. Givulinovich says:

    So why is an American corporation only doing this elsewhere? I’m ready for what looks like healthier choices.

  4. CyfXr says:

    anyone else get hungry watching?

  5. Mark Ryans says:


  6. Idontcarelion says:

    It’s truly fancy because the ice cream machine works

  7. Sally 싱가폴링 says:

    HongKong!!One of my favorite city? choosing ingredients seems like Subway

  8. Kaijsa Stayko says:

    Umm… why can’t all McDonald’s be like this???

  9. Finesse says:

    Basically a bakery, McDonalds, and Starbucks collab?

  10. Te'yah Graham says:

    Finally, a burger that actually looks like the commercial?

    Thanks for the likes guys?

  11. wilson lee says:

    Australia has had this for 2 years

  12. Will Clode says:

    This is pretty normal in Australia. We have McCafe which has all those bakery items, we have custom menus where you can customise anything with those gourmet options

    • SashDaMeme says:

      Yep. We have the menus, create your taste, McCafe. The only difference is that the place this video was filmed in looked clean. All my local ones are not.

    • Will Clode says:

      Yeah I understand that maybe we don’t have the fancier options when customising food – but let’s be real, who eats quinoa at a fast food restaurant anyway?

    • Samer Hamadeh says:

      Will Clode
      Some McDonalds locations in Dubai, Qatar etc. have the same stuff.

    • Claire Hale says:

      The store I worked at don’t have create your taste any more. Had it when I worked there but took it away because it sorta lost its appeal

    • Vini Girl says:

      If you’re in Sydney, and in the CBD, legit there’s a McDonald’s with like the fancy 1920s gold interior decor, and this HUGE CHANDELIER just hanging inside.

  13. Susan Liu says:

    Lol that burger looks like what the burgers look like in McDonald’s ads

  14. Arinity says:

    Legit, went to Hong Kong a month ago and stood right beside it thinking it was just a regular McDonald’s??????

  15. Sebastian Thomas says:

    Australia has had like ALL of this for quite a while now. Apart from the phone chargers. I want phone chargers.

  16. Laur14 says:

    *I’m not McImpressed*

  17. Jamie Ostellino says:

    Whyyyyyyyyy isn’t my McDonalds NEARLY as amazing as this one??? ?

    • r0bin says:

      Am I google? Does it say google on my forhead?

    • Ketsueki says:

      Jamie Ostellino where I live the McDonald’s here isn’t that popular so I’m often the only customer there. But the pros of this are that that take care with presentation and taste like this restaurant, maybe not as fancy but still good

    • Pokemonguy16RS says:

      I’m sure they pay their workers well at this location, which leads to better service. The one ur referring to probably are workers that are at poverty so they can’t work well or even want to.. that’s what happens when workers are not paid a living wage, cause they cannot take care of themselves too, which makes them tired due to lack of nutrition/self care. It’s sad but true.

    • Rabbit Toys says:

      Jamie Ostellino LIL

    • Rockymtnbeast4 says:

      Because America likes shortcuts

  18. Man Bear pig says:

    She’s gorgeous ??

  19. bellabieber09 says:

    I need to go there.

  20. Bhavya Talwar says:

    I don’t wanna talk about food but I want to say that She’s so beautiful ?

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