I Tried The Rock’s Cheat Meals For 30 Days

I Tried The Rock’s Cheat Meals For 30 Days

The Rock is known for his weekly cheat meal Sunday’s. For the next 30 days I take them on for myself to see what happens to my body, performance in the gym and overall well being.

Hope you all enjoy the video! Thanks for watching



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27 Responses

  1. Aleksandar Cvetkovic says:

    idk if its just me but Will is looking huuge,i love how his sense of humor didn’t change,really enjoying watching him

  2. Tyson says:

    I’m not sure how I started watching Will’s videos but what I can tell you is that whenever he posts a new one I make an involuntary sound of joy.

  3. BOOMER 1960 says:

    This is my favorite fitness channel by far. You’re killing it brother.

  4. Mark Lewis says:

    The amount of editing needed for the first 30 seconds needs to be acknowledged 👍🏼😁

  5. Jesse Brylle Alegria says:

    That taxidermist joke got me replaying 3 times. Katie’s reaction was so funny.

  6. mathometer says:

    man there cant be many fitness channels that make you laugh as consistently as Wills.

  7. Soffy Vlogs says:

    wasnt having a good day, putting it down to a midweek slump and opening my youtube and seeing a new Will video made it that bit better! keep it up Will 🤙 great stuff as usual

  8. FitPath says:

    I’m with you on the sprinkling in the “cheats”. I call them treats instead and I never go crazy. I tend to go lighter during the day to save more calories for the evening. I have a slice of cheesecake every week. It is my favorite and keeps me from eating other things that I don’t like as well.

  9. Filip Muhlbach-Ekstrom says:

    The message you get through at the end of every video is simply amazing. The fact that you can convey such a strong message in simple language is just fantastic. Will you are an inspiration to all young people that go to the gym or don’t so thank you for being that role model/public figure that is always real and motivational.

  10. Donya says:

    Will I really appreciated this video. It was both hilarious and extremely informative. As someone who has struggled with eating (binge, restricting and food focus), I learned a lot from this video. I also agree with what you said, the more restrictive you are the more likely you are to want it more and binge/cheat. I agree with sprinkling it out throughout the week, that is all part of balancing. thank you for this!

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