I Tried To Become A Runway Model at 5’2”

I Tried To Become A Runway Model at 5’2”

Come on this nearly year-long journey with me where I became the shortest model to ever walk London Fashion Week! This was a dream come true and I hope you all enjoy the video!!

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Thank you to Pernille from Kepaza for inviting me to be a part of your show! I am so thankful for Kepaza’s commitment to diversity within the fashion industry. Check out the Kepaza clothing line and give them a follow here:



Cynthia Harvey-Brown

Savannah Wix



Creative Director – Garrett Kennell

Editor – Silas Orteza

Producer – Anniken Aalbu

Camera Operator:
Kevin Stiller


Be sure to check out and follow these amazing models who are changing the GAME!!

Krowwithak https://www.instagram.com/krowwithak/
Jazzmyne Robbins https://www.instagram.com/jazzmynejay/?hl=en
BodyPosiPanda https://www.instagram.com/bodyposipanda/?hl=en
Scott Bayliss https://www.instagram.com/scottbayliss_/?utm_source=ig_embed


Timelapse footage via http://www.motionplaces.com

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52 Responses

  1. Flower Child says:

    You and Safyia are the women in Youtube in Shane Dawson’s level of quality content. Congratulations because the work, talent and dedication y’all put into your content truly shows.

    • Ariane Lévesque says:

      Jasmine R No I think she interpreted it that way because the original comment says “are the women in Youtube of Shane’s level” which gendered the whole argument. I don’t think the original comment was made to be sexist, but it did kind of come off as such.

    • Flower Child says:

      Ariane Lévesque I’m sorry if it sounded sexist because I didnt mean it that way. I used Shane as a standard because I believe his content is on another level of talent and quality, regardless of his gender.

    • Ariane Lévesque says:

      Flower Child Yes no worries I didn’t think you meant it in a sexist way at all ☺️ I just could see what the person who said it might’ve tought so, but to me it was pretty clear you just used Shane because he’s amazing (and that’s a fact).

    • Ally Clash King says:

      This is so freaking true

    • MinasBaguette says:

      My desi Queens

  2. Kanaka R says:

    I’m 4’8 and am genuinely happy that you made this video ??

  3. Diamond B. says:

    I just wanna let you know your a *real* inspiration for girls everywhere✨. You use your YouTube channel for something very positive and I love it ? I love your fear videos and your challenge excepted videos, one of my favorite videos is the marine video. ?This is my favorite video because I can tell you really stepped out of you confort zone for something you really wanted to accomplish.?I really hope you keep doing this and you turn into something bigger than you are now. Im really glad I found you on YouTube your are now one of my favorite people to watch and I’m glad I have someone as positive and relatable to look up to. ??
    Thank you ??❤️

  4. Lauren W says:

    Those Tippy Tops are killer to walk in, proud of you. I wore them in the Miss CA usa pageant, and I tripped on the stairs in them ?

  5. Little Mac says:

    You should try to do a bodybuilding competition, I think you could definitely do it!

  6. Lina Sketch says:

    Michelle! You should be a Drag King Show for a challenge Accepted!!!

  7. N. B. says:

    Michelle, I’m 5 feet 4.5 inches tall and I know that I would not have the guts to ever do what you did in this video, so damn successfully.
    I think the true lesson is to worry about yourself ONLY and not about what someone else thinks /says.
    Thanks for one of the best videos I’ve ever seen!

  8. KajaJens1 says:

    Norwegian designer!? Im from Norway 🙂

  9. Miss GemRose says:

    You should train to be an equestrian. If you actually experience the standardized riding technique it’s really hard.
    Also, I could probably never be a model! It seems so difficult ??

  10. Kyska Orrego says:

    I’ve always watched ANTM as a child and pretended to walk on a runway… I’m 5’4″ and not super slim
    This video impressed me a lot… You go girl!

  11. tamalaursa says:

    I don’t know why I cried when you walked the runway but I cried. I’m short too and something about you, totally OWNING that runway made me cry. AMAZING video!

  12. Kady says:

    23 years old, 4’11 and I love my height! Happy to see these barriers being broken so we can all be embraced!

  13. Jennifer Gilmore says:

    When yall went to London..I followed you on IG and I thought it was Garrett taking you there for Valentines…OMG I’m shook

  14. Fatmata Sesay says:

    On the bright side, you would be the perfect height for women’s gymnastics.

  15. Shia Teague says:

    I’m 5’2″ and this really made my day. You’re so awesome for trying so hard for this and good for you for surrounding yourself with such awesome people ?

  16. Heehaw 101 says:

    the world: you cant be a runway model bc youre too short
    michelle: hold my beer bc challenge accepted

    • Peach Girl says:

      Heehaw 101 she literally only got it because of her YouTube following and connections, don’t try to front.

    • Michelle Khare says:

      Heehaw 101 lmfaoooo ???

    • toshi amiyumi says:

      Have u seen fashion runaways most of the girls probably have connections because besides being a sample size and being the right height those girls are not photgenic or striking. They look awkward. today fashion models aren’t like the models of the 90’s +Peach Girl

    • fibreoptik says:

      Plot twist: she doesn’t drink beer.

  17. M K says:

    I can’t get over how good Michelle’s videos are.
    Each. and. every. one. of. them
    I’m stuck binging all of her videos, once again.

  18. Vicky Avila says:

    Your videos always make me cry. You’re amazing. Ok brb need more tissues

  19. Zoë Thompson says:

    Train in ballet for 3 months and do a show! or train like a principal dancer for a month!! Ballet is so much harder than people think.

  20. Erica Elizabeth says:

    Michelle is WAYYYY too slept on in the YouTube community for the quality of videos she puts out. These video have so much work and love put into them and it shows soooo mucy

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