I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Cheese Wheel Pasta

I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Cheese Wheel Pasta

“OMG, that’s a lot of fire.”

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43 Responses

  1. NIRUP mungmeesup says:

    Did anyone notice that this episode was film wayy before the first episode of EATING YOUR FEED got released. Since that wheel of cheese has been in the end credit photo from the beginning

  2. Zhan Li Voo says:

    This was in worth it before anyone remembers?

  3. Ovidiu Hancu says:

    I think everybody knows Rie at this point.

  4. Gaby CakesAJ says:

    Did anyone remember that they went to the Flaming Cheese place on worth it Buzzfeed? And also I love Rie! Love this series!

  5. Elaine Wireman says:

    I love Rie and this show so much😂

  6. Hlysnan says:

    Andrew used 4 tbsp of cognac for the final attempt – which Rie said to use in the beginning (4 tbsp = 1/4 cup)

    Never doubt Rie 😂

  7. rosie posie says:

    Okay….but why is Andrew so cute in the thumbnail tho?

  8. Zab says:

    Hasn’t Adam been to that restaurant with Steve for “Worth it”?

  9. Jason Allen says:

    Poor Andrew looked sweaty chiseling the top off the cheese wheel. If they won’t let him turn up the AC for things like that, he should take his shirt off before he starts so it’s not all sweaty and icky for the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure viewers wouldn’t mind.

    • Josh Giles says:

      MsFireflygurl Yup, though from personal experience, AC only goes so far when it comes to sound-proofed studios and kitchens. I’m going to quickly preface what I am about to say with this. I am a gay man, who lives with his long term (some would say long suffering) partner. I say that because many times I have discussed similar subject matter with other gay guys on YouTube/reddit/irl they have tried to pull the homophobe card (which is hilarious). Anyway back to the point at hand.

      Would you say this to a woman? If you would then we have bigger problems to deal with when it comes to you (@Jason Allen). If not, why in the flying fuck would you say it to a guy, a guy doing a bloody cooking video. Not only is Andrew not a piece of meat, not everything has to be sexualised (certainly not the body of someone cooking a flambéant (bad pun, I know XD) cheese pasta). There is a reason we don’t objectify women, its demeaning and not recognising their actual achievements. I do not understand why some women, G&B men and society as a whole think this double standard is acceptable, it is not. The excuse I have heard many times before that it is different for women because they have been oppressed for millennia is bullshit, it’s incredibly wrong women have been/are being oppressed (wether it’s improving or not) but two wrongs do not make a right. Isn’t this basic social training we get given in reception (kindergarten for Americans 😉 ). Don’t judge people based on their looks, don’t treat people like a piece of meat. Anyone being spoken about like that feels uncomfortable and not just them, people seeing it being done fee uncomfortable. Another thing I have been told/had shouted at me by fellow G&B men is “We have been made to hide who we are, been beaten up, called fag, homo and bender, so now we are more accepted I want to feel free to show my gayness”. That’s great and all but first, I refer you to my first point, I’m Gay. I get it and I agree its been a long old road to acceptance, we aren’t there yet: I see the stares when I hold my partners hand in public, I hear the shouted abuse by narrow minded idiots and overhear people saying my kind should not be able to get married when it has been possible for me to be a civil partner for 13 years and married for 4 in the UK.
      THIS STILL DOES NOT EXCUSE OBJECTIFYING AND SEXUALISING OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION OR REQUEST. Previous abuse of you or your people does not entitle you to a free pass to harm others (which sexualising does do).

      I have some advice for the guys and ladies who do this, go to pornhub, red tube, tumblr…. wherever, hopefully the porn you find is ethical/is amateur stuff uploaded by a consenting couple (if you want more real looking people) get off and (here’s the kicker)…. stop lusting over normal people who don’t want it. It’s disgusting and you look like a joke doing it.

      You can compliment people without sexualising them “Andrew is really good at hosting eating your feed episodes” “Andrew did x really well” if you must talk about something physical then make it something not sleazy and that isn’t sexual “Andrews hair looks amazing in this” “Andrew has a lovely smile” etc etc. If it has sexual undertones… bugger off.

      The “hilarious” thing is, while I was typing this reply in to a thread that has comments about how sleazy it is talking about Andrew like he’s just an object to fantasise about, someone posted a gif of him shirtless and the OP has 85 likes. Some days you think we are making progress and then you get reminded how depressing our world is. Go dick or go home right…. -.- *sigh*

    • Jipvh says:

      Ew dude, the fuck is wrong with you..

    • Wilcondepotpot says:

      *”I’m pretty sure viewers wouldn’t mind”*

    • Caelan Raegn says:

      Jason Allen I know you probably meant the second part as a joke but that would be quite unsanitary.

    • Patrick McGrath says:

      Jason Allen are you gay or somethin?

  10. Avr X says:

    We need more RIE what are you guys doing can’t you please do with more with her. I also love the worth it guys so mix them PLEASE

  11. Tiffany Li says:

    I feel like Rie is in every tasty videos. She is so gorgeous and everyone ask her advices.😂😂

  12. Chris. P. Bacon says:

    Boujee mac n cheese

  13. avari says:

    i live for these videos but i also hate them bc now im craving cheese

  14. Otaku Lover says:

    Andrew smelling the cheese looked like he was doing drugs.

  15. michelle huizen says:

    “is that too much butter”
    “theres no such thing”

    my god i love rie

  16. Lena Stolarska says:

    *why buy the iPhone X when you can buy a block of cheese*

  17. classyfacemakeup says:

    This looks incredibly delicious 😋

  18. tamara mil says:

    Omg cheesus 😂😂😂

  19. j1m2s s9l8p7o says:

    Cheesus hahaha

  20. SAK- SOON says:

    🧀I love cheese. Cheese is the reason for me to live. Cheese makes my day. Cheese makes me happy all the time. Cheese is the best solution for any problem. Cheese is my best friend. Cheese is my brother/sister. Cheese is love. Cheese controls me. Cheese controls my body and mind. Cheese is my soul. Cheese is everything. 🧀

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