I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

“It’s the size of a kitten!”

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57 Responses

  1. Alexis Fletcher says:

    When Adam reaches for the steak but is threatened by the knife is Me when my mom cooks all the time??

  2. Justin Zamora says:

    Cheetos will make anything good… kinda.

  3. kaya papaya says:

    can i put andrews laugh in a jar for when i get sad

  4. kaya papaya says:

    “rue the day”
    neville flashbacks

  5. Phan Khoa Nguyen says:

    I’m glad that Rie knows how to measure with cats

  6. Arely Trejo says:

    Tortilla Recipe: 1. Masa 2. Water
    Measurements….only Mexican mom knows

  7. Robbie Mezanava says:

    The green sauce is actually a classic jalapeño/tomatillo sauce with avocado. Get at me for the recipe! ? @chefmez

  8. 01emercado01 says:

    Andrew isn’t only popular because of his looks, but also because he is willing to try new things that seem challenging but nevertheless interest him

  9. 01emercado01 says:

    Andrew is hotter than those cheetos to be honest

  10. Citrus says:

    Andrew: the silliest herb….get it…… there laughing

    Me: smh

  11. Riley Noel says:

    When your Latino and watchin him make Tortillas wrong??‍♂️

    • Daniela PR says:

      Or when she said that didn’t put rice and beans, and here where i live that kind of burro its called ‘percheron’ and is waaay more bigger then that, (maybe im being a little dramatic lol) , my point is that we never put rice and beans, at least not in Sonora, Mex. No hate thoo, i love this show so much and i wanna taste that burrito so baadd.

    • lornaraygoza says:

      OH MY GOD. I was desperately searching for a comment that said this. YES, they’re “burros percherones”, not tex mex burritos.

    • 19.6.55- says:

      I don’t think it’s just Latinos, I think it’s anyone who can make a tortilla that’s cringing and wincing at it.

    • Andrew Garcia says:

      Space Meme it’s cuz tortillas are made real easy u just squish them with this one thing and they come out perfect

    • morgan leblanc says:

      im mexican but my abuelita always told me to only roll in ONE DIRECTION (forward) and i was watching him, rolling it back and forth like some sort of cookie, in pain

  12. Sheri says:

    Andrew is the cutest chef on tasty

    btw, when he says, “We should stop the video right here.” it goes to commercial. ?

    • Master Shake says:

      +AzN No, I think you like Vaughn more than Andrew, considering most people , rightfully so, have no idea who the fuck Vaughn is. Seriously , I think you might be gay for this “Vaughn”.

    • AzN Jerald says:

      Master Shake nah.. i just watch buzzfeeds videos and the comments are just hella cringy whenever its andrew or vaughn

    • AzN Jerald says:

      Master Shake i also watch tasty videos still buzzfeed. You can go look urself find the ultimate chocolate cake comparison. Btw I like Brenda from tasty, im not gay at all

    • Stannie Playz says:

      Sheri I hope another chef youtuber Name Juicy

    • Kirby Brown says:

      Why is he cute he sounds depressing

  13. Em Idc says:

    There’s nothing more satisfying than watching Tasty while having a snack

  14. Mishal Venu says:

    *rie comes on screen for 9sec…..now i feel like i can conquer the world!!!*

  15. ___ says:

    After this, I’ve fully established Andrew as “dreamy-man-in-kitchen” material

  16. Abukenyo says:

    2:44 – 2:48 *that doesn’t sound right when eyes closed* ?

  17. Amy Kemp says:

    *sees flaming hot cheetos*
    *immediately clicks*

  18. bellabieber09 says:

    4:16 I THOUGHT IT SAID “DRINK BLEACH” of course my depressed ass would see it as that?

  19. Mano Yousafzai says:

    And i thought Andrew is crew member of Buzz feed ?..lol

  20. Denky Mems says:

    it should be called the flamin’ hot Churrito

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