I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen

I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen

“OMG, that really is large!”

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57 Responses

  1. Humanish Person says:

    Rie is the only consistent host of this show.

  2. jungkooks ding dong says:


  3. Aleina Fuentes says:

    Love these kind of videos! Keep it up!

  4. Dhruv Thakur says:

    Basically, the camera man(Adam) is the luckiest guy…. He gets to eat every dish on tasty… And if you watch the other series… Cheap v/s expensive food(Worth it).. he’s there too…

  5. paulson thomas says:

    Niki you look like marshmallow ?

  6. Ash says:

    We love Rie …youtube Buzzfeed Mum ??

  7. Mobashshir Moin Ahsan says:

    *I like the way how Niki does the thing!*

  8. Jon & Ange says:

    By the time you finish the BEAN SPROUTS, them ramen noodles would be donezo!

    Adamn. I’ve missed you

  9. Twenty One Bitches says:



    3:32 THE loudest and clearest i have ever heard him talk!

  11. Ken Kaneki says:

    Naruto is pleased

  12. thefrozencombustion says:

    The bean sprouts didn’t absorb all the salt. Nikki kept watering down her broth because she was only considering it a as a standalone item and not as part of a dish.

    • KogasaGaSagasa says:

      thefrozencombustion this here, quote for truth. Also, was the chicken stock pre seasoned?

    • Michelle D says:

      thefrozencombustion I was looking for this comment cause I was thinking the same thing.

    • Robert Gibbs says:

      Forreal, she kept adding water and then said that it was watered down because of the bean sprouts lol. Shoulda let ole girl hook this dish up.

  13. Matthew6500 says:

    put Andrew and Niki together again 😀

  14. Claire Knight says:

    So much double dipping with the chopsticks

  15. M Z says:

    This is a little salty so I’m gonna add some water to it.

    -Where’s the salt?


  16. Shiro says:

    The bean sprouts were a little excessive lmao

  17. Keon Cheung says:

    “I made a broth from scratch”
    Uses 1.6 kg of store bought stock

  18. Little Miss Stamper says:

    Ok…what is that little thing on your finger? For a cut or a break? Its cute whatever it is…but I can honestly say I have seriously injured many fingers and have NEVER seen anything like that ?

    • You know who owns the soobooty says:

      Little Miss Stamper I think she broke her finger, she had a cast on it on a previous video

    • Shane C says:

      Yeah, it must be for a break. Thought it was just a bandage at first, but in closeups the splint is visible.

    • Zzehraa says:

      if you watch the house videos that has her and some guy, they go to places and live there and get closer and the one with a mansion she explains why she has it

  19. Journey and Explore says:

    I love how Rie is in so many videos. Just giving the nod of approval. She’s the best!

  20. venom5809 says:

    Rie, Nicky and Adam, does it get any better?

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