I Tried Walmart’s Terrifying Metaverse Experience

I Tried Walmart’s Terrifying Metaverse Experience

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36 Responses

  1. K O says:

    Imagine working at Walmart HQ and they show you this horrible dystopian simulation that probably cost millions to make, and your boss is standing there smiling at you waiting for you to be like “I love it! So futuristic! People will shop at Walmart more now!” And you have to decide if it’s worth it to tell the truth

    • Kenny B says:

      @Lilibelle Wishiewski girly not only poor people shop at Walmart, it’s one of the largest corporations in the U.S and the biggest supermarket chain 😂

    • Nerd Alert says:

      This is my FAVORITE comment, oh my fucking god

    • Karthik Ayyalasomayajula says:

      You have to remember that Walmart HQ is in a random small town in Arkansas miles away from anywhere actually relevant, they’re probably disconnected enough to think it’s a good lol

    • HE’S coming soon says:

      Please guys, believe in Jesus. He truly loves you. Doomsday is on the horizon. «So the one who conquers the world is the person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God». «Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them».

    • Maxime H says:

      @Hana Z And that the younglings in Roblox don’t give a shit about this game, honestly this applies to everything

  2. N Rizzo says:

    I am at school for Fashion Design, and we all have to take a course where each week we write a short paper about contemporary designers/brands that belong to whatever that week’s topic is. (accessibility, bridal, sustainability, couture, etc.) One week the topic was “Metaverse/NFTs”. Every other sentence of research had me needing a lie-down. To sum up, I was just sitting there when my roommate, also a design major, cried out in grief “GUCCI TOWN?!?” That’s right folks, Walmartland is small pebbles.

  3. Contor r says:

    With his glasses, long buzzcut, and one color T shirt he looks like every 5 year old I have ever seen. This was probably the point but I’m just impressed that he managed to get it so accurate.

  4. Cinnamon Noir says:

    That thing about the smartfridge and already having a gallon of milk just absolutely slays me. This is in the _metaverse_ and you’re not actually _at_ Walmart, if you’re wondering whether you already have milk you can just take the headset off and _look in the fridge yourself_ to find out! Who the hell needs their smart devices to tell them what’s going on in their house when they’re already _in_ the house?

    Am I supposed to never take my headset off? Do I just live in the metaverse now and have trusted family members or neighbors feed me the food I order from Walmart while I spend 100% of my time shopping online? Do they really think this meta-Walmart is so goshdamn engaging that I’d rather have a digital assistant log into my fridge to tell me about my milk situation when I could just pause the program and stretch my legs for a minute by going to check?

    I’ve heard of a solution in search of a problem before, but this is a new one on me: a non-solution in search of a non-problem.

    • Heather Chansler says:

      What about those of us with kids, maybe we actually want and need multiple gallons of milk…. I know families with multiple teen athletes that go through like 4 gallons a week. It’s not more convenient to enter the metaverse four separate times to get milk.

    • Omegaset says:

      And it tells you to put it back, like it’s impossible to own 2 gallons of milk at one time

    • cheeesesforsure says:

      This probably started as an tiny AR concept that got way too much budget diverted to it, so more and more nonsense got grafted on to make it look less like embezzlement.

    • Cee Gee Fursuits says:

      Imagine if you’re somewhere else like an airbnb and you need milk but your roommates have already gotten milk and the metaverse keeps yelling at you that you already have milk

    • iNiyama says:

      right? a smart fridge or storage would be smart if I was at the store and not sure if I actually have something at home. it makes no sense if I’m at home and just too lazy to look

  5. Sonia’s Way says:

    I really hope people start making horror games on this concept. Like it’s the perfect theme for a psychological horror dystopian game.

    • A Kitty says:

      I remember that one time I went to Walmart with my dad at like 6:30 and as we walked into the store I fully expected to turn around and see just more Walmart behind me.

    • Michelle Redacted says:

      Self-check Out Unlimited might be your thing.

    • illegirl says:

      There’s one that Jacksepticeye played, I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s basically stacking shelves and trying to avoid customers because they stop you finishing your jobs and you get fired if you don’t. They also chase you if you run away and you have to hide in the staff room.

  6. Emperor Trans Man says:

    When I was working at Walmart we weren’t allowed to fight the customers, but I’m happy to hear the company is finally listening to the requests of its employees.

  7. Hvot YT says:

    I love how it “verifies” your age based on the age of your account but half of the children lie about their age, so Walmart is selling children alcohol

  8. Zerophyx says:

    Ahh, yes I remember the Walmart Land experience. Didn’t really understand it when I played it though.

  9. LittleBirdie504 says:

    Danny is giving some really aggressive 90’s-2000’s teenager vibes with those glasses and it perfectly fits his content😂he just needs a random skateboard hanging up in the back and some kind of commentary about MTV.

  10. Cass says:

    The ironic thing about making the assistant a full on human model instead of a disembodied voice, is that the people who want a full on human hovering around them the whole time are probably not going to be on metaverse, and those that are shopping online are probably either heavily socially anxious or want a more ‘futuristic’ experience

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