I Troll BadBoyHalo with FACECAM…

I Troll BadBoyHalo with FACECAM…

So I Finally Trolled @BadBoyHalo with Facecam.

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honestly. might have to get a minecraft badboyhalo tattoo

thanks for watching & subscribe owo

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37 Responses

  1. bruv時間 says:

    the fact that this troll actually worked and him predicting the responses almost perfectly truly shows how strong their friendship is…

  2. shinji says:

    can we just appreciate how the “STOP YELLING AT ME” and the “NO, LISTEN” were perfectly timed 😂
    skeppy really has a massive brain

  3. Nieve Flake says:

    Half the time I kept forgetting Skeppy pre recorded his response just because it was so perfectly timed and answered, this just proves how good their friendship is

  4. Delborne says:

    in the future, skeppy will create an AI to talk to bbh for over half an hour, edit it, and upload it to youtube automatically, thus creating free content

  5. Kosillu says:

    This was hilarious how well the conversation flowed even though it was pre-recorded. Like there was only 3 conversations that didn’t match up! I wish I had friends like this!

  6. Cathria says:

    It’s nice to know that even though Skeppy trolls BBH a lot they have a strong and close friendship, which is actually really sweet ☺️

  7. yasmin •WasFound• says:

    their friendship is just so wholesome-
    but it’s also kinda scary that skeppy can predict the responses almost perfectly yk :,)

  8. Mother Jay says:

    *skeppy talking*
    “Be quiet.”
    “Skeppy, I didn’t even say anything”
    *skeppy keeps talking*

  9. Kilp says:

    The timing and predictions were perfect. It is as if they were actually having a conversation. Well done!

  10. DragonStarWolf says:

    BBH: “I’m not gullible!” (Proceeds to panic at Skeppy drinking ‘soap’)
    BBH: “I’M NOT GULLIBLE!!!” (Proceeds to not realise that he’s talking to a recording)

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