I Trolled Youtubers with a Chapter 3 Live Event!

I Trolled Youtubers with a Chapter 3 Live Event!

► I Trolled Youtubers with a Chapter 3 Live Event!

Today I made my own Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale Live Event. This was one of my craziest animations yet. This will be the last event before Fortnite Chapter 3 and the Fortnite Chapter 3 Trailer happen. What do you think the Fortnite Chapter 3 Map will look like?

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35 Responses

  1. Trimix says:

    Are you guys hyped for Chapter 3? This took forever please leave a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE 🙂

  2. Cubick says:

    This was perfected! The animations and everything was nailed perfectly, great work again my dude

  3. kanon says:

    When trimix Uploads we know it’s going to be better than the last

  4. IamDiablo says:

    SO GOOOOD 🔥🔥

  5. CoryJT says:

    I can’t even process how long this must take to make. Huge respect!

  6. JDROCKS says:

    Dope as always! ft. Ninon <3

  7. Rager says:

    This one is actually somewhat believable

  8. Logan plays15 says:

    This man is really good with editing cgi and animation

  9. Super Boots the dog says:

    Insane, honestly I think that you are secretly the person who makes the basic template of the events.

  10. Cooper says:

    I feel like the only doubt I would have is the fact that the music is on the down low because Epic would definitely give us some music.

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